Monday, February 27, 2006

There is no particular reason for this next selection of images except...l like them.They were all taken on Putney High Street. The lady with the head scarf was one of the first images l took on 31st January 2005. The guy with the glasses l often see and he appears quite a few times in my images. His image was taken on 22nd March 2005. Lastly, the lady with the wonderful hat was caught on camera on 2nd Febuary 2005.Actually just after l took that image l was approached by a man in his 60's,well dressed and English. Very seriously he asked me " Was l taking pictures for the Arabs, was l a terrorist... if not l must be spy as l was always hanging around with a camera and did the police know about me?" I tried to explain what l was doing but he just laughted and said, "As if you'd tell me the truth anyway!". And went on his merry way. The joys of being a photographer on the streets! I love it.


Clovr said...

The comments you get on the street are quite interesting, no doubt. You never know what people will say! It seems the comments you receive are as interesting as the subjects' faces themselves.

Are you still setting up your camera each week and taking photos?

You should be able to see my blog address now, didn't realize it was turned off in my profile before.

halloweenxmiss said...

my thought is i cannot imagine taking photographs of people out on the streets without asking their permission.
I once when close to a group of street musicians who were all playing different sorts of bongos.
I turned back when they started looking at me like "Whos THIS girl!?"
I didnt have the guts to ask them if I could take their photo.
Usually when I take photos of people , they are of people I know personally.
You are very brave.