Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Away for a week!!

This poor laptop is going into the hospital! sob! So l will not be on here for about a week...unless l can get a few mins on Tony's computor!!!!! So if l am missing for a few not's the machine this time that is sick NOT me! xxKeep safe and see you again soon..l hope!xx
Hope these few images will keep you going till l appear on here again!!

Night folkxx


artymess said...

Don't be gone too long will you ....x

Penny said...

Good luck with your computer repairs. I just got a new laptop and LOVE it!! We'll miss you - but know that you'll be back raring to go in a week.

Emma said...

oh, no, come back soon! Lovely images. Happy Christmas ;)

Mary said...

How am I going to manage without my photo fix?