Monday, December 12, 2011

A trip to brick Box on Sunday 11 December 2011

Today l went to deliver some of my Art to Brick Box, so they could use it, if need be, for their Evening Entertainments all this week. If you look into the small round mirror, you will see a soft top mini..that's me! Hax....The pocket rocket as we call her!
Every time l drive pass in my car or am in the bus, l mean to stop and go and look at this statue. Well.... today l actually managed to stop and go and look. It is a wonderful and so glad l made the effort to stop. I cannot tell you anything about it, as there is no plaque anywhere to be seen.

This sculpture has fasinated me for ages and it did not let me down. It has not been looked after unfortunetly but all the same it is wonderful. 

Love this image!

The dead trees on either side are full of amazing textures and shapes.
There were 3 fungi near the sculptures which were far from their best! I was wondering what makes those holes you can see on this one? Tony reckons it's birds digging into the fungi to find grubs!

At the Brick Box there was afternoon activity. A wonderful singer who wrote and sang her own songs..some of them happy!!( an in joke apparently)...called Jessica. (

Some of this audience......
Walking back to my car, l noticed this on a garage door......interesting! Why l wonder?

I have some more handbags, sewing and more Eco-dyeing to show you tomorrow.


Penny said...

Love the sculpture - it evokes all sorts of thoughts. The locked door - there must definitely be a story waiting to be told.

Dayna Collins said...

We do love the same things!