Monday, December 05, 2011

A trip to Sutton and buttons!!

On my trips down to Putney, l go past a new complex of flats that has just been completed. When l first saw the drum kit on this balcony ( through the bus window ), l thought "l am glad l don't live next to or above them". But then, l saw it was one of those "quiet" kits, so they are forgiven! Ha! Considerate neighbours after all!
The other thing l especially noticed today, was there were so many discarded, empty coffee cups. Don't people use bins any more?

My trip today was to go to Sutton, via Clapham Junction. I just love Clapham Junction Station, as it is always so busy and the new walk-way enables you to see loads of trains. Actually, Tony tells me he thinks it is the busiest railway junction in the country!
 Standing on the platform, l noticed loads of things, such as its array of lights and their supports.
This image fascinates me because of all the shapes that are in this one building. I also like the sheltered walkway that forms a V, that is just in front of the building.
Another thing l noticed today was  how much red there was on the station... hair, prams, coats and bags.
I saw this teddy bear through the train window and it appeared that it was behind bars..oh l wonder what he had done that was so bad?....just made me giggle!!
The reason l went to Sutton today was to see a vacant shop premises that my friend Terry had noticed the other week. Looks interesting, fingers crossed and we will see what happens. I would love to have it to hold art classes for adults and children, a "drop in" Art Centre and a gallery... and oh so much more. Both for the community and to be part of it.
 Guess what and where this is.....?

 It is on a Night Club Wall in Sutton...isn't great?
 In among the grasses are bird the idea.
Loved the three hair colours in this group of girls. They were so happy, laughting and chatting, was great to see and hear on this very dark and chilly afternoon.
 Love this old signpost in Sutton.
The moon was shinning and the street lights seemed to light up the base of this glass building. Quite romantic actually!
Every time l go past this building, l mean to take an image. Today l did but l still am not sure why it is there or what it means yet. The mosaics and the top of the building remind me of designs in Amsterdam
 Just thought l would show you the patch on my wool skirt and the fringes on my boots...Pocohontas has nothing on me you know! ha!
This is one of the bright and very Christmasy sights that greets me when l arrive at my 1930's flats. Really makes me smile.

 The last thing l want to show you today.... are the 50 odd buttons that l got today.....l just LOVE buttons!


deanna7trees said...

great images. that v shaped walkway brought back memories of taking the train every day to college and then work in Brooklyn, NY. the v shaped walkway led up to the train station and was within walking distance from my house.

lynda Howells said...

Glad l bought some nice memories back for you. xx

Mary said...

Great images as always

Terrie said...

The verticle planting wall is a good idea and the mosciac windows are so pretty. Looks a city of arts.

Anonymous said...

I am in the process of putting together a sewing box for my 10 year old granddaughter (her mother's idea) and have just gather a collection of puttons to start a little jar for her - hope to pass the button love on to next generation.