Thursday, December 22, 2011

Photographic images that help to create Art! laptop is back and l am so happy! I have done lots of things instead and also l realised l am not addicted and could live without it BUT would rather not!
Before l start, l thought l would show you a new look l had the other night.....

This week l decided to record which part of nature has really inspired my Art this week. I went out just after it had stopped raining and the colours had become very vibrant and fresh looking! Even though the sky was dull and grey....everything seemed to be shinning !
The first three image are of the rose bush outside my front porch. I don't think l have seen the pips looking this red before! Wow!

It is now December and yet there are still so many leaves left on the trees, even though we have had so many gales. I am not complaining because that means there are still some wonderful leaves around for me to use in mybundles!
As l was waiting for my bus, l noticed this puddle just across the road from me. The reason l noticed it, was the sun suddenly came out, the water sparkled and l noticed this wonderful reflection.....gorgeous.
When the Plain Trees bark is not is colourful but when it is colours are amazing. Just like a patchwork Quilt nailed to a tree! Ha!
 I bent to pick up a you do...and noticed how green this moss is at the moment. So vibrant and green..if you see what l mean?!
 These berries are just SO blue and the red berries peeping through every so often, really stand out!

There were so many raindrops on each thin, long leaf, sparkling and slowly running down to the base. I could have sat and watched them for ages, as it was l did it for about 3 or 4 mins. When l told my friend what l had been doing... her reply was as follows....!
" I thought watching paint dry was boring but l think you have just trumpted it"!..Ha!
Yes l know, it is a banana skin but l thought it looked quite artistic and actually quite evil!

Love this stark and yet very beautiful.
 Again a wonderful colour created by nature...
 You can see these leaves from a long way is very striking and really cheers me!
Hope you have enjoyed this walk through my artistic mind this week.......... so tomorrow l will show you what l have been making and creating, while l have been laptop free!


Annette said...

Great 'fresh' photos.. I too see evil in the banana skin.. it's coming to take over the world.. and no I haven't been

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lovely photos as always and even as unartistic as I am, I can certainly see how they provide artistic inspiration!

Merry Christmas!

Penny said...

Thanks for the gift of your keen eye! Lovely photo's (even the banana peel was 'artsy'). Merry Christmas!

lynda Howells said...

glad you agreed my banana and agreed with me it was evil!!Hax ...also glad u enjoyed my images xxx

Mary said...

Isn't nature wonderful.

kathy said...

Lovely photos, Lynda, and thanks for sharing London...since some of us will probably never get there in person!