Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Christmas, Family 'get together' on December 27th 2011

This is Tuesday and my whole family are together... It was a   wonderful day. Lots of images of this beautiful event.

 Isn't Alfie's tail wonderful?

 Our son Andrew playing with our soft, "Alfie substitute "and Alfie deciding to pounce on Andrew to make him play with him instead!! Ha!
 A very beautiful and thoughtful Gemma, my daughter-in-law.
 The coolest place in the flat!
 Playtime with Grandad!
 Nice to see Gemma sooooooooo relaxedxx

 Father and son hug timex
 Alfie has a soft mouth for carrying ducks... so it doesn't really hurt.
 "Is it time to go yet"????
 A laughing Gemma because Alfie decides to pull the rug off the settee, so as to get her to play with him!
The only safe place in the flat for "our " Alfie is on top of the bookcases! You have to admit, he does look a bit worried! Ha!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy New Year Lynda -- it looks like you had a perfect Chrtistmas.

lynda Howells said...

we did..haven't heard from you in a are you all.xxxlynda
Merry Christmas and a Happy new

artymess said...

looks like fun pleased about your success with your work ...Go Girl !!.....xx

Mary said...

What wonderful photos Lynda ,I can see you had a great time.

Terrie said...

Obvious you all had a great festive time. Wish you Another successful New Year!