Friday, May 04, 2012

Paper cutting can be very addictive......just finished another one!!!

 This is the latest bundles to come out of the pressure cooker. The material was soaked in soya milk intrigued to see what difference it has made to the process if any.
 My pressure cooker hard at work as usual, in my studio, in between lessons!
We have so many Magpies around these days. I know a lot of people don't like them but l love watching them and when the sun catches their feathers..the greens and blues are amazing.
 More of my Innocent bottles turned into magic bottles for the babies.
 A quick trip up to Central London the other day was a real treat. I have been so busy starting the school and then this awful has been a long time since l have been on a train or tube up to my favorite city!! There is a lot of the new work  going on a round the rebuild at King's Cross train station.

One of the many surprises you could find in a busy main road by King's Cross, a beautiful, quiet curving could feel you have stepped back in time. That is if you ignore the Foxton LET sign!
 I don't normally like cats but this one seemed very regal and rather beautiful looking.


Connie Rose said...

You don't like cats??!!

Dayna Collins said...

Love your papercut!

Lynda Howells said...

sorry Connie!x
Thanks Daynax

Mary said...

I also think magpies are quite magnificent .