Sunday, May 20, 2012

Warm at last and sweet smelling sewage!

Today l have something to celebrate... the heating in our flats has been turned back on! May not sound much to you but it has been soooooo cold here and our communal heating has been turned off since last month, as it is every year!!!!! I am warm and suddenly l am not bad tempered any more... sorry Tony!!!
I had a scare this afternoon, my camera stopped working...ahhhhhh! but Tony played around with it and hey presto... it works now. Phew! So, today l only have a few images to play with.
Tony and l went to Staples to get MORE colour cartridges for my printer, boy it eats ink! Then we went and had a lovely time with our daughter over a coffee, a meat dish and pastries! What a lovely way to end a Sunday. Thanks Jennyx We have thankfully been having a lot of rain over the last month, to help with the drought. It is beginning to show in the beautiful green plants, leaves and grass around the place.

Just brought home my opened, handmade paper book bundle... Need to iron it to soften them again. Not sure how they will turn out but will be exciting to see. 

People can be so kind... l have just been given a whole load of wood to use in my Studio. Most of it has been used to make blackboards with.
On the way to have coffee with our daughter, I saw these beautiful lillies. I always call them Funeral lillies. Saw loads of them in and around churches when we were in Guatemala. It was such a shame though to see where they were planted today. In totally the wrong place in my view!

This next image makes me giggle, a pink sewage ("honey wagon"!) wagon deployed at Sainsbury's in Clapham High Street. I wonder if the colour makes it smell any sweeter? Ha!
Night all. x


Annette said...

Love the sunset colours.... great photos..

Corrine at said...

Glad you are warm. Love the pink honey wagon, too funny, nothing makes them smell sweet though. Don't stand down wind. xox

lynda Howells said...

thanks guys..your support means a lot to mexxlyndaxx

Mary said...

So pleased your drought is easing,I love the way everything greens up so quickly after rain.