Wednesday, May 02, 2012

London and craft.

Hello everyone...especially my mother. I am ok just very busy working in my studio and very tired from teaching when l get home, so not blogging as much as l used to. Throw in my first cold for many years..and l am not as"full of energy" as usual!Ha! One more moan.....l do not like this new system for posting on blogspot!!!!!!End of moan!!!!
OK...back to buisness. A nice morning in and around Jenny's new work place which l think, would a great place to work in.

 When l go to work each day, l go past this beautiful house which is made even nicer when the Wisteria blooms.
 This year the blossoms seem so much more than in other years....beautiful to see. This is a view when l catch the bus.
 This is the latest piece of silk to be unbundled, very pleased with it.
 Woke up to find one of our gorgeous trees has lost one of it's main branches. Such a shame but does show how strong the wind and rain has been lately.
 This tiny snail doesn't look as if he has far to go, when you look at this image but wait......and look at the next image!!!
 Can you see the snail?
 Not sure where all this water is coming from but this bowl outside my studio, seems to be full every morning! Um and its a drought area!!!!!!
 Last night l went to attend an Art class about paper cutting, which was a Birthday present for me from my daughter. ( back in November). The next few images are things l saw on my walk there from the tube in Islington.

 Hope they don't throw away or break these old tiles up. Stunning old Victorian  tiles  l think.
 This was the great course in The Make Lounge and l had a great time. Thanks daughterxx

 My finished pieces. These cuttings are the tutor's designs. Just realised l haven't got an image of my own design...will show you tomorrow.x

 Was a great session and l will carry on doing this craft, as it was such fun.


Mary said...

It was worth waiting for,love the photos as always and I am not sure I would have the patience for the paper cutting .

Corrine at said...

Thanks for the tour. Great photos. Love the courtyard in that building. And oh the red mohawk too. Mighty patience to cut all that paper. xox

lynda Howells said...

l never thought l would have that much patience either but l surprised myself......x

bois-fleurie said...

I really look forward to reading your blog and this one was a real joy. I worked at Kings cross for several years so was pleased to see your photos and all the others.

cleo said...

what a beautiful piece of dyed cloth. i have just come here after seeing a post you made on my blog nearly a year ago (i have been mostly very far away from my computer). i hope the operation on your shoulder went well. i see you are taking photos and doing some beautiful dyeing. when i saw your comment i just wanted to reply to you, even though it was soooo long ago. thank you for your lovely comments.