Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bracket,dyeing, roses and a bit of India!

On my way to my favorite coffee shop Artisan, l saw these beautiful Brackets at the top of a tree on the street. They look even more splendid because of the blue sky background.
These are round the other side of the tree with only the Church brickwork as a back ground.
Unwrapped some bundles today and as the sun was out, put the articles out to dry...what a treat!
Really pleased with these pieces!

One dress, two blouses and some odd biuts of material drying.

I was experimenting with how to make painting easier for some of my little ones......! I took an empty deodrant roll on, washed it out and refilled with paint and washing up liquid. works! just need people to save their empty roll ones for me now!!
the next image is of a young lady l saw yesterday..she really made me smile. just wish she had learnt to walk in those shoes visit  soon l think!

Saw this in a garden play area in a Primary school near me.....isn't it gorgeous?
The weather may still not have realised it is supposed to be Summer but the flowers certainly have.

Look what l found in my walk round Putney yesterday.........


Carla Trujillo said...

Is the last couple of pictures of a shrine? Very cool looking, what ever it is! The only place that I have visited that has small shrines along the road ways is Hawaii.
Love the dyed fabrics! Have you tried using red cabbage or powdered chili as dyes? My hands tend to get stained when I'm using either one.
Have a lovely Sunday!

lynda Howells said...

No Carla it's not a shrine.... originally it was a bike that pulls passengers . They sit under the hood affair! But l am not sure if it still works now maybe a shrine!!xxLynda

Lynda said...

Lynda, Love your pictures and need to check out your dyeing.