Thursday, February 04, 2016

Art and a Favour!

Today while l was waiting in my local hospital, for my annual Mammogram, l noticed these x-rays on the wall. 

 I have always been fasinated by x-rays and skeletons. So l was really happy to go to the National History Museum and as we live in Putney and parking is free on Sundays ... it was a win win situation.  We took young Oscar ( aged 2 years old) there because he loves Dinasaurs. I was not sure how he would react, to just " bones ", l shouldn't have been worried. He LOVED them!  After 2 hours we tried to leave and got ... " No ... not yet  Nana " :) Over the years l have created quite a few pieces based on bones and x-rays. Having been to the Museum again .... l have so many ideas !

On our walk yesterday, we came across this gorgeous Robin ... So bold !

This week l have had such fun, dedicating more time to my Art Practice.  Getting frustated because my Gelli prints were NOT going well. Then becoming very happy again ... when it all went well! Oh the ups and downs of an Artist! My husband, Tony, took some photo's of me, working, he said ...  "How can you work in this state"? or as Oscar is always saying ... " Messy Nanna " 
Does no-one in my family understand me? :)

The book l clean my roller on.

I have tried this week and have actual succeeded , in not watching T.V until 9 pm, each evening. I had decided l was watching too much junk and not doing enough Art or other " useful " things.  I have created so much Art this week and also watched a whole load of Art video's, that normally l have not had timed to watch before!!!!!   I have learnt new technique and in the process, discovered new artists. I would love actual to notwatch any TV but l don't think l could go that far. Having said that, l have just given up sugar and l am learning to swim  .... so you never know!! :) 
Actually, l am going to ask a favour. Could you pass on this "Blog" 
to anyone else you know? I am trying to get a bigger audience and start conversations off, with other artists, from all over the world.
Goodnight and talk again tomorrow. 
Lynda :)


Cath Stonard said...

Well done Lynda, working until 9pm on art etc., and for being so productive. My bad habit is being on my laptop for too long, so maybe I need to take a leaf out of your book there. I started to swim regularly last September, and try to swim for 30 mins three times a week. I'm not fast, and only do breast stroke, but I'm definitely feeling better for it. Good luck with your lessons, you'll enjoy it once you get started. I'll mention your blog next time I write a post. I've had a rather difficult time recently, so haven't managed to do much artwork, but hopefully I'll be back on track soon.

Lynda Howells said...

Thanks for your comments Cath. xxI hope you get on track again soon, too.