Monday, February 08, 2016

Ideas and coffee

Last Saturday l spent the day, in town, (London) . I had soooo much fun, wandering around and then buying Art "Stuff" in Cass Arts. Here are a few of the buidings that inspired me .

Happy Chinese New Year ... Stunning !

The lights on this building (M&M's), change colours all the time is so much fun to watch.

Sitting in a coffee shop, sheltering from the rain and creating some Art! What a great day!

As l have mentioned before, l am part of a year long teachers sketch book challenge. One of the reason's l joined, was to stretch myself and hopefully come a little (!) out of my  art comfort zone! So far that has not happened but l see a few of the other artists have!  Stetching ourselves is something all artists should do ... in my books anyway. I think that we are wasting our talent and our time, if we just "do" what we all know what to "do". I am having fun re-learning all about colouring in . Children do it so easily .... but l tell you, it isn't that easy and that suprised me! I think in the beginning l thought too much. Now l am going with the flow and just "Doing It" as they say. It is so much fun! Try it. Not only is it fun but VERY relaxing.

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