Friday, February 19, 2016

Why no postings Lynda?

I have been trying to creating work, over the last few weeks but something always seemed to get in the way! I don't want to show any more of my work than this at present! :) 


Here are some of the reasons l have not been posting lately. One is because we have been looking after this wonderful younng man! Making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday..........

......  a visit or two to The Natural History Museum ....... 

......Then there was a wonderful visit, to the Royal Opera House to see a Ballet, with my husband and daughter  Isn't this mural, in the main entrance foyer, amazing......and lastly.... end the evening, a visit to a Champagne and Cheese bar, in Covent Garden ! It was great fun. So you see, l have had very little time to paint, let alone blog! :) 

Tomorrow, Feb 20th l am off to Gerald Moore Gallery, to see an exhibition of last years Teacher's Sketchbook Challenge. I lucky enough to be part of this years challenge, which is very exciting.

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