Friday, February 05, 2016

Puppies and my journal work today

I forgot to put this image up yesterday ....quite amazing. Really LOOK at the x-ray and you will see the tiny back bones .of the 5 puppies ... beautiful.

I decided that l have not " Played " enough lately nor have l been learning any thing new. If you don't use your creativity , it will stop being there for you.  I have started playing around with napkins and handmade paper. I discovered on the internet, if you iron napkins onto clingfilm, they are a lot easier to work with. I am still praticing but it seems to be working well. I will do some more experimenting and see where it goes. I will keep you up to date!

The following images are my experiments with a journal, l am creating. This page is finished but most of the others are still being worked on !

These are babywipes drying .... might sew on them at a later date.

More pages being created.

This is a collage page, l'm working on.

This piece is one of many created with pieces of found ephemera. I love paper tape, which you will see used in a lot of my pieces!

More hopefully tomorrow !

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