Sunday, February 21, 2016

My amazing Saturday with Art Teachers and loads of Journals.

I am involved in a year long, Art Teachers Sketchbook Challenge . On Saturday l spent the day at a Sketchbook Workshop, run by the "Challenge" itself.. It was amazing, l have not had so much time for ages. There were lots of different workshops but l chose to take part in the Mark Making Workshop. I have used a Gelli plate before but many of the other teachers had not. I enjoyed watching their learning and the processes they went though to do it. It was great because today everything seemed to gel together for me. I had been having some trouble l about finishing my prints and also making too many mucky colours. I think it was because l had taught myself how to use a gelli plate but to watch those teachers go through a learning curve, taught me a lot. I will always be grateful to them. 

One of the other workshops was a Textile one. One of the artists came and said, she thought she   might like to put some paint on her work. She was a little apprehensive but l suggested she might like to press her fabric down onto one of my Gelli plates. She thought that was a great idea and here is the result.

I love this mark, l found on one of the plastic boards. Work of Art in it's own right, l think  ! :)

Here are a few images of other people's work. I could spend hours telling you all about the work but l think you should make your own minds up. :)

The next two images are of my own work ... l had so much fun. :)

There were lots of interesting chats going on, after the work was finished. We were all able to pop in and out of each others workshops. Great fun.

The gallery is offically open.  There were glasses of wine, blown up images on the wall, an amazing video playing and loads of incredible Journals to look at from 2015. These three woman were amazing organising all. .. three cheer for them. :)

I have never seen so many amazing Journals in my life before. I look forward to seeing this year's crop in 20017. 
What a great place to spend a day.

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