Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Another day at the beach, this time Broadstairs in Kent......told in images and words.

 This image was taken because the sky was a very weird orange/misty colour..sort of foggy but not..but it did give the place a sort of romantic atmosphere which believe me did doesn't my view anyway!

This sign was outside the ladies loo,l am not sure why it made me giggle but it did.Apprently it is one of first signs to show some-where mums could feed their babies. rather clever design l thought.

This young boy took ages to walk across this stretch of stones, mainly because he had no shoes on! He was playing football on the sand with friends, when the ball was kicked out over the stones... someone had to go. It is unusual l think to have a stone and sand beach in the same stretch of beach.

I thought this was a lovely message on this bench. I am not sure if it is a memorial bench or just a lovely present for the grandparents..either way it is rather sweet. My parents live by the seaside and are known by my sisters children and grandchildren as granny and grandad seaside! They are the envy of their friends.  Perhaps one of these "grannies"in the image below, may be granny seaside!

The small bird below on the tarporlin is a wagtail l think but l am not certain. Anyway, l had great fun watching it flying from boat to the next, catching flies and twittering away. For such a small bird it made quite a lot of "music".

The image below was actually me experimenting with my camera. I have often tried to get an image that is in focus but shows the stepness of the stairs. I think l managed it this time...anyway l am happy with the end result. When these steps are wet, they must be quite difficult to climb up or down.

As you can see when the sea is out..the ladders are often going to be needed by people wishing to get to the beach or their boats. There are easier ways but not quite so exciting!!

These old wheels are used to stop boats from banging against the habour wall or other boats moored next to each other. The green is so shines and shimmers a lot in the sunshine.

This amazing religious mural, in the image below, is painted on the wall of a fish and chip shop and Pizza place with the  name of Francos Canadian Pizza...very weird. I wondered what the conections with the mural are? l have no idea. Oh actually, l can see the connection maybe with the fish and bread to feed the a stretch! ha! Anyway cheers the place up quite a bit. If you look to the right handside of the image, you will also see a mermaid over the fish and chip shop entrance.

On the pavement outside the fish and chip shop, which also sold ice creams, a little girl was trying to eat her fast melting ice cream. The ice cream started to melte, it suddenly dropped of the cone into a puddle. As the ice cream melted it spread into a puddle, by her feet and formed this pattern....looks like a bird to me. Unfortunatly the pretty pattern did not stop the poor child from screaming its head of because she no longer had her ice cream just her cone! poor child.

As we drove away from the beach, l looked back for one last look and saw this boy on his own, in a vast stretch of sandy beach...nice image to end our day at the beach.

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