Sunday, November 01, 2009

This is a record of our trip to Rustington to see my parents, from Putney..the pretty route, in the pocket rocket! l tried to take images of things people don't tend to notice or were unusual to this journey or only seen at this time of year. Enjoy!! We started the journey in dull cloud..then we hit fog as we approached the Surrey Hills, the sunshine came, then a few drops of rain, more sunshine, then dusk, then rain! Don't you love the Britsh weather?!

This was in the early afternoon!!

This is a very weird image from the car. The big tree on the right looked 2 tone but in fact was just
another tree in front of it... quite a weird illusion, one it took us a while to work out. ha!  Then through the fog we came across this...a huge, christmas pudding shaped bonfire. Never seen anything anything like this before..everyone seems to be involved. When you think there is a week to go before Bonfire! how big will it get?

Teamwork from the young lads on the back of the trailer, to the men and women on the ladders passing the branches etc. up to the the two people actually standing on top of this huge heap!

While walking round the fence surrounding the bonfire, l found this beautiful spider's web with water drops on it from the fog.

This is what the compact bonfire looks like close up..masses and masses of wood, branches, leaves, paper and garden you will see from the poster below!

Then, just as l was walking back to the mini, I looked down to see if l could find any cobwebs on the grass when..oh a mushroom...fresh as you will ever get had been broken before l saw it but it came home with me..yumm.reminds me of picking mushrooms early in the morning on airfields as a child.

The house you see below, is in the village of Ockley. I love the ochre which this house is painted in. It is so beautiful and also correct in history terms. We had lunch in a pub there and felt as though we had gone back in time by about 20 years! but in a nice way.

Rosehips l think..even shrivelled up l think they look beautiful!
Moving on in our journey we went to Arundel to go and buy some cakes to take to my parents' house for tea. As l was walking past this window to someone's basement, l spotted this cobweb. It looked just like the bones you see when you look at an X-ray. very appropraite on Halloween!

l bought yummy cakes and was on the way back to the car when l saw this wall with this gorgeous red brick built into it.

Before we went back into the mini, we went for a walk up to the pond on the outskirts of Arundel. On the way we go under (or over) this bridge which l think feels so magical. Especially when it is slightly foggy and damp.

On the way to the pond, we pass a memorial to a child but the rain has washed the name or reason for death away. Still brings a tear to my eye even though l have been past it a few times.

When we reached the pond there was a surprise. The mist was rolling in over the pond..very spooky but beautiful at the same time.

And of course can't do a journey in November without some leaves from the start of Fall as the Americans call it. One of the resons we decided to go via the Surrey Hills was to see the beautiful Fall colours in the the valley the trees hadn't turned yet..strange. Luckily for us the trees in Arundel had turned!

Then walking back to the car,  l looked up and saw how beauful the firs looked with the water drops on it from the fog and mist hanging from them...very magical.

and then there was one drop! The lichen on the trees were so many shades of green and then in amongst the ferns were trees with hanging seeds which l think are sycamore seeds.

Then home to Putney ..quicker than we went! what an amazing day.

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