Thursday, November 12, 2009

An interesting day!

A day walking through london with no destination in mind. A bit frightening for me as l have no sense of direction! many a time l have had to ring one of my family and a) where am l and b) where is the nearest tube or railway station! here goes. I took images that interested, amused me or just items or drawings that other people may not notice. Enjoy!

The usual warm welcome from London Underground !

One of a few really colouful posters advertising the future opening of a new store l think.

When l first saw this guy on his scooter, l thought he was asleep at the traffic lights! then when l really looked l thik he was actually ready a map book. Ha!

Two of the famous forms of transport in Central London..Red Doubledecker Bus and a London Duck!Adding colour to the London Scene.

Lilies laid on the new monument for the Royal tank Regiment. I love these flowers but the orange pollen just gets every where and also it stains!

I am so angry and my viewfinder you could see the empty capsule..which was being repaired!! Why it hasnt come out on here is a mystery. will have to go back to original and find out what has gone wrong!!

One of my favorite buildings..Battersea Power Station...seen through the window of my train....going home. today l didnt get lost!

I go past this Siver Birch tree a couple of times a week and love watching these fugi grow on them. This is one that hasn't gone rotton or been chopped down like a lot of the Birchs in these woods. Such a beautiful tree...very peacefulx

These are the leaves just out side my front door. I dont like the dark nights of Autumn but l do love the colours!

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