Saturday, November 14, 2009

A walk that was stopped early when the heavens opened and down came the rain!

Just a few images of a days walk..through the woods and down to Putney! I am always amazed that l do this walk at least 4 times a week and still see lots of things each day that l didn't notice the day before.  T hats because they were not there..!!..but also l could have over- looked them or they had not grown big enough until today to appear over the leaves!. My Life is so full of wonder! Today l saw loads of fungi..some in clear view and others l moved the carpet of leaves and there they were.

This delicate pink fungi really was hidden well under a covering of leaves. I only found it because l dropped my lens cap and had to move some leaves to find it. I was so glad l did because there were so many of these pink wonders all over the area. They are very difficult to see..but once you have seen eyes seemed then see loads of them! All slightly a different shade of pink and some seemed to have a lot more detail to them. The fungi below was upright yesterday but must have been investigated by an animal l think because they had been dug up and half eaten.

Now all you see is the hundreds of wet leaves on the floor of the woods but if you stop and wait till your eyes get accustomed to the light and see fungi all over the place!

 The bus stop just outside my gates has had some new graffit added over night! It is now a "LOVE" bus stop. In this weather, you must be joking! And they did what most "children" enjoy doing..breath on the window and write!
Found another clump of these amazing orange fungi and l have not used Photoshop on them. They really are this amazing shape of orange!
Then l went further into the woods, off my normal foot path and found these
  They are so small and so cute. You can see how small they are if you compare them to the ivy leaves you can see in this image. L tried to pick up one that had been pulled out of the soil by an animal, l would think, and it just broke up. It was so tiny and oh so delicate. 
Then just as l went to stand up, something caught my eye on a near by rotting log. A very tiny white fungi, so delicate and tiny and some of it missing. I am amazing at how tiny some of these plants are. Then all of a sudden the heavens opened and down came the rain. I covered my camera and made a run for it. Arrived home 10mins later looking like a drown rat!! but a happy drown rat l have to say!!

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