Friday, November 20, 2009

back on track with images.

I have been unable for nearly a week, to download my images from my camera to my laptop!! Very frustrating and l don't seem to be having much luck with Apple either. Anyway, found a long way round but have now been able to download my images and l am back up to scratch!
It has been quite windy and rainy for the last few weeks and so l took a few dramatic images on Putney Bridge.

There were people trying hard to walk across the bridge but were finding it extremly hard work!

The clouds was amazing and the clouds were moving so fast across the sky line. Then when we reached the village of Lenham, the weather was so different and bright sunshine. In the front garden of my aunt's block of flats, we could hear a beautiful sound coming from a tree. We looked everywhere and then suddenly... realised the sound was coming from a tiny robin high up in the tree. His red breast eventually was how we found the "song"!

Then on the way back home, we went via the outskirts of the centre of London to take our son home. Below are some of the images l took on that journey.

A bit bright!!!!!

I really laughted when l saw this graffiti on some boarding! l wonder if the spelling was on purpose or the person just couldn't spell!!? Either way l think still think its great!

This is not a very good image but l have put it up because of the story that goes with it! We caught up to this motor bike by the traffic lights and my son suddenly said, "For goodness sake look at that guy. He really is posing" I repied, " What do you mean, he has all the right kit on and looks very safe, whats wrong"? "Yeh l know! he has all the right kit on but look at his feet. Would an enthusiast or safety freak... be so stupid to wear..plimsols!"? He is right of course!

Once you have looked at this image....can you see the red door? I made up all sorts of reasons why it might be there. For example it could be the doorway to an amazing garden, like the Secret garden maybe? Or it leads into another universe where there are no adults! what would your story be?
Right..thats enough for to bed. night allx

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