Sunday, November 22, 2009

Images from my wanderings this week. 16-20 of November 2009

London never seems to sleep and that is one of the many reasons l love it. Apart from St. Ives in Cornwall, there is no where else l would want to live. I have travelled all over the world and loved every minute of it but l am glad l live here in London now. Never thought l would say that when l was travelling, but the older l have got, the more l wanted to settle in London. You can get anything you want...different foods, clothes, foreign books, films and so on. I enjoy just getting on a bus or train and just wandering for the day. So here are some images from my travels this week. Enjoy!

This reflection of a security camera made me giggle...not only are you being watched, so is your reflection....!! Mine you, in Papua New Guinea, where l lived for 3 years, some of the natives would have thought it was watching your soul. Now there is an image to conjure with!

This is a pisture of an empty, well almost empty gas container.When you think that this tank holds highly flammable gas...does it fill you with confidence? Also it is right in the centre of town....l have always felt uncomfortable around them. Apparently, or so my mother tells me, l was frightened of them as a child, even before l was told what they were! The only thing l like about them is the colours of the rust!

I was in a traffic jam in Wandsworth and in the car next to me was this guy smoking. He had all the windows closed and the car was foggy with smoke. My roof was down on my mini and l could smell the smoke coming from his enclosed car!ugh! I hate the smell. I was very pleased that this image came out as clear as it has, as l had to take it through his window.

Still talking about smoking, which incidently l have never done, thanks to my dad. He made me smoke the one l pinched from him all the way to the end...and l was VERY sick and have not touched another one since!! clever Dad!. Anyway, we were walking along the street in town and outside a Health Food shop l saw this bin with an ash tray on top!!!! Good advert for healthy living l thought! This is just a days worth as l was there yesterday and it was empty!

From there we went to our local tip t to get dispose of some household rubbish. I dealt with plastic stuff, books and mags and tony got rid of an old electric shredder in another part of the tip. Just as l got back to the car, this guy was shouting and waving at the fork lift /digger guy. Apparently the driver had not realised our mini was so close to the containner..(as we are so small!!!) and nearly started dropping stuff over our car and into the big yellow container!!!!! You should have seen Tony's face when he realised his precious "pocket rocket "was in danger!Ha.If you look carefully you will see the bucket just over the yellow container on the top left hand side of imahe. Unfortunatly the bucket and the spiral staircase, of the flats run into each other and so the image is a bit confused. I took it very quickly, so as not to miss the actiont but didn't really have time to compose the shot properly..sorry!

My daughter has a flat in East Sheen, which she is just about to rent out. It is a beautiful flat and in a lovely location. I love planes, properbly because my dad was in the R.A.F, so l enjoy watching the planes go over her flat from her lounge every 2 mins! Good job she has double glazing!Ha.  Today the sky was blue, there were a few white fluffy clouds around and the planes were desending just at the right high and angle and...Bingo, l got the shot l had been waiting to achieve for months. Not just blue sky but a cloud to make it more interesting. Hope you think so too.



bad penny said...

I love your photographs.

Thx for popping over to see my have four !!!!

Lynda said...

yes l have four..sometimes l think l must be mad but then has made me really work at my art and my photographyx

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Lovely to see your photos Lynda, especially the fungi and rain in Putney. BFN. Lesley

Grand Purl Baa said...

Hello Lynda
Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on GPB.

Then lead of course to your own "Life and All that Jazz" for half an hour of seeing London and surrounds through your third eye. What a treat. From edgy industrial to country garden beauty.


tortagialla said...

Beautiful photographs! The last one is definitely a nice catch... ;P