Friday, September 10, 2010

A Cosmopolitan City and other images!

During a journey round London, l was once again made to see what a Cosmopolitan city l live in. Here are a few of the images l took that reminded me of this. The first image was way above a hairdresser's shop, it was the first time l had seen this poster.
The next two images are of a church and a mosque which are around the corner from each other.

I have to admit, if you were just looking at this image with no words....where would you think this image was taken?
Many of you may not understand the next comment if you have never lived or visited the Gulf (don't think they are else where!). This is a building in London, but my goodness it could be a Wind Tower in Dubai!
This is a medical centre, which is able to cover many languages that are spoken in this city!
The next few images are just ones l took that l think are funny or interesting . I would have liked to see the original painting that was on this wall. The bit that has been left looks very interesting and colourful.
This door was on the back of a looked so funny driving down the high street!
As you may or may not know....GB is in the grasp of a Health and Safety Mania!.....For some strange reason, this building below seems to have been missed by a Health and Safety Inspector!
I am so glad that l managed to catch the image  below as the car started to moved off up the road. I don't think l would feel very safe to have this dog, loose in the back of my car!

The last image is of the bin outside my local libary! Normally, shoes that are left on a rubbish bin are not wearable any more but these look in good condition!!!!Um.......! Maybe it is a Good Samaritan who has left these here for some-one who needs them..who knows?


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wonderful images. Your City is a feast for the senses -- and we noticed the cosmopolitan aspect from the minute we arrived for our visit. (We really enjoyed the street markets and all the stands from all over -- and this is the closest we'll ever get to the Middle East and many of the other countries represented by our neighbors when we stayed in Sydenham.) We felt like we got more than one country for our money.

Angie said...

Great shots again Linda. have you ever looked at

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I love this post. Fantastic photos and comments! I think every city has places that look like they just don't belong. The door driving down the road is too funny.

Anonymous said...

London certainly presents an endless stream of sights and sounds, together with the funny and the bizarre. I don't know any city quite like it and I have seen a few!

There is always treasure for the observant Londoner with a camera to hand as you show here.

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

my dear and darling Lynda -- I just love your photo essays so much.
inspiration to get me going, and make my mind wander to lovely London. . . .
and did I tellya that the hubs nabbed and awesome job at a Denver law firm?!!!! Goddess is sure looking out for us.

beth said...

Hey Lynda

Love that you love the Yorkshire Sculpture Park too. And it looks like you are enjoying your neck of the woods. Good to check out what is all around us, right?