Monday, September 20, 2010


Just been to a blog that l follow  and on this Melanie is talking about graffiti and how amazing it can be. If you go to Art/Graffiti   
you will see what she has said. Go to her blog anyway as l think her work is great.
What ever you want to call it Street Art/Graffiti it is all over the Uk but these images are from the area l live in London. It goes from really amazing stuff to the very simple, done by children on the pavement in chalk!
The first image is of "Under the Arches" on South Bank, white was painted many years ago. Over the MANY, MANY years it has been going, it has sort of become an "allowed" place to grafitti and skateboard. The second image is what the same area of wall, looks like now. The walls are constently re-painted and designed.

1st image
2nd image
Another of the many layers of colour.
An other of the walls.
This wall was done by a guy l met on Friday, who had come down from Bristol (or was it Bath?)for the weekend. His work is quite different from a lot of other work here. He is an illustrator for a magazine...l think it shows!
Then there are the really amazing drawings/graffiti. I just love this image.

Then there are the stencils and the "tatty" graffiti , as my friend calls them.
This was drawn by a child with chalk on the pavement...just fantastic. He told me it was his family.
The last graffiti image is just a "simple" image but also has a message!
The last image is of my own work. I had just started in a black journal and l felt l wanted to put grafitti on the front.....This is my tribute to graffiti.


Beach House Living said...

Some graffiti is more amazing then what some call art.

This is some colorful stuff.

Dayna Collins said...

I love graffiti and your shots are amazing.

Bren said...

Okay I love that front cover and your own graffiti very dramatic