Thursday, September 09, 2010

Skies, Nature and flattened objects!!

Sorry l haven't been on for a while, but l loaned my laptop to my son for a week and am without it for another 4 days!!sob!! Then to make matters worse, we have been without phone or internet access for the past few days and only got connected late today!! Also.... we have been helping our daughter move stuff from her flat, which fingers crossed, she will have sold by end of this week! So l have just been VERY busy and only just had time and energy  to use  Tony's machine!!! The other small problem l am facing, is trying to work out how to get my images uploaded to here, as the storage system for images is different on this machine...and l am easily confused these days!!
Well, l have now discovered how to upload some images, so the first images are of the evening sky over Richmond Park, one evening last week. It was an amazing sight, so much beauty in such a small space.

 Isn't Nature amazing?
The next image still makes me smile. I was just walking out through my gate and was hit on the head by a large piece of apple! I stopped and looked up and there was a very guilty looking squirrel, looking down at me. We looked at each other for at least a minute and then he jumped up further into the tree. A very touching but funny moment.

While walking down into town, l noticed that there were quite a few objects which had become flattened into the roads surface. Many of them were actually quite attractive, like this piece of silver and gold metal. Then the  following image, is of a plastic tube ( a toothpaste tube or tube of watercolour paint , maybe?), which also has been flattened but it looks so beautiful, could be a piece of Art. I took my life in my hands to take these images, as l was running into the road and back, in between on coming cars.I was hooted quite a few times, the things we do for our Art! Hax

I am used to seeing red, blue or white berries around this area but this was the first time l have seen these gorgeous pink berries.And many of you will already know, l am not a "PINK" person, so they must be special for me to think that! If the saying, " When trees and bushes are more than usually  full of berries, there will be a very hard winter" is true...l am off to find somewhere else to live this winter!
Below is a spider l spotted, as l was just outside the Richmond Park Gates. Quite large for a spider in Britain.
Night folksx


art spirit said...

Beautiful photos! Enjoying your blog and a visual visit to your neighborhood. sorry you couldn't connect to my blog...not sure how to help. I have trouble connecting to blogs in Australia too...???
loved the squirrel in the tree and the fungi!!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wow -- we appreciate your sacrifices for our pleasure. Getting bopped on the head by a squirrel, nearly run over in the street....good grief.

all of the pictures are excellent and I'm glad you figured out how to upload them. Hope you get your own 'puter back soon.