Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interesting images within 5 mins of my flat!

A few days ago l was going down to Putney and as usual captured many images. It was not till l down-loaded these images, that l noticed how many interesting images there were within 5mins of my flat!
Some of you may remember last year, that l put up an image of a "fruit" that looked as if it was sticking on to a branch. Many people said that it was joke, l have since found out that it was real. I went past the Squash Courts and, low and behold, the bush has loads of fruit on it this time, instead of one and l think they are called Quince.
Very weird looking fruit don't you think? but beautiful colours.
I love this Cotoneaster bush, we used to have it all over one of our house, years ago and it looks fantastic even when it has no berries.
Aren't these bell like flowers beautiful, so delicate and fragile looking.
Then just along the from those flowers, l found a few Honesty plants. I used to have loads of these in my house but have found very few over the last few years. Shame because  l think they are so beautiful. I love the way the light shines through them and you can see the seeds inside them.
As a child we used to call these sycamore seeds helicopers because they twist when they descend from the tree.
This mushroom was hiding under loads of broken twigs when l spotted it. I cleared the twigs away and there was this gorgeous fungi. The next image shows a mushroom that has been turned over, for what ever reason, it  looks so fragile and beautifully formed. As you can see, l love fungi!

One of the things that really makes me angry is rubbish thrown away into the woods. Why can't people take their rubbish home with them?
Down Wildcroft Road there is a drain cover missing and so some-one has put a piece of wood over it. Good you might think, but they forgot to take the 4 nails at each corner out of the wood. One at each corner of the wooden square! Does the contractor have shares in a tyre replacement company?
One of many photographic project l am creating at the moment is called "On the yellow Line". I just thought this leaf was just so beautiful against the yellow painted line, l wanted the world to see it.
Night folks x

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