Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Friday trip to Borough Market 17.09.2010

On Friday, Tony and l went to  London Bridge to visit Borough Market. It is full of sounds, smells, colour and amazing sellers! There are so many images today because l found it very hard to cut any out and still have more in the file! Hope you enjoy and l am sorry there is no video to go with it! maybe next time.
There are SO many different types of cheese being sold, it is difficult to decide which one to buy and from which stall. 

The fun part of deciding which cheese or cheeses to the free samples from each stall.
never knew there were so many different sorts of Olive Oil, there are hundreds.
Anyone for a sausage? You can have German, Italian, British, French, you name it, it will more than likely be on one of these stalls.

Anyone for an olive? A staggering selection to choose from. in all sizes, shapes and colours, as well as stuffed or whole!
I love to eat fish but looking at these..l want to paint or print them. The colours are just so striking and vibrant!
All the fish stalls had such amazing looking fish and all so fresh.
The red markings on these fishes make them look quite menacing, l think.
Ah..squid! Ilike to eat it but looking at them like this quite turns my stomach. 
One of the things l missed when l first came back to the UK was the availabilty of freshly squeezed fruit drinks. I am so glad to see it is so much easier to get these days but still very expensive.
A still life image!
The skins hanging up here beside the butchers seemed to upset quite a few people...wonder why? she says, tongue in cheek please note!
This image just makes me want to take the veg off the stall and eat it as it is.....wonderful.
Don't these carrots just look amazing? Very rarely do you see carrots like this in the supermarket.
For those of you who, like me, love is an image for you.xx
Just one of the many variaties of bread that was available at the market, this one is a kind of levain Rye bread. I just love the pattern and the colour of the loaf. But please note, that this is NOT a cheap loaf!
Coming up to Halloween time...pumpkins and gourds are in the shops and here in the Market. I have never been very good at carving pumpkins but maybe l will give it a try again this year. Not sure what the sign means by "Conflicting Gourds" you know?
I just love this image. The colours are so rich and deep and so velvety looking.
"Who's next" is the call from this wonderful sweet stall. Not a good place to stop when you are on a diet. The smells and the colours are to die for, believe me.
This Greek food stall's banner is in my favorite blue and their olives were great too.
The next two images are of faces that l thought were just so full of character. Hope you agree too.
This guy was serving  behind the Vegetarian Food Stall.
Goodbye Borough Market, till next week!


La Dolce Vita said...

oh what magnificent abbondanza!

sophie munns said...

What incredible images of the market!
fabulous...I wish this was down my street!

Dayna Collins said...

Your market shots are stunning!