Friday, October 22, 2010

The last of Day 2 images in paris!

More of day 2...are you sure you are not bored by now? At least you can turn the machine off when bored, instead of the old days when you were stuck in some-one's house seeing ALL their amazing holiday snaps!!!!
Notre Dame was on yesterday's blog and this next image shows you the amazing walk-way at the top of the Cathedral. Would love to do this walk, next time we are in Paris, it must have a wonderful view of the surrounding area.
I noticed this very stylish young couple outside Notre Dame. The woman was wearing a bowler hat and I think they were German!
This is a familiar sight in and around Paris..Romanian beggars and believe me, they are VERY aggressive! Be warned when visiting!
The next image still makes me smile. It was some repair work begin carried out on one of the many bridges over the River Seine. The way the scaffolding has been put up, makes me think it could be an Art Installation!
As we were walking down a small side street, l happened to look up and see this very colourful window. It belonged to a cafe and this was their kitchen window, where they kept their spices and lentils. If l hadn't looked up, l would have missed it, as l am only 5ft 2inchs tall and this window was at least 6ft off the pavement!! All l can say is, the chef must have been very tall to reach those jars!!     

We had been told by our daughter Jenny, that we had to go and visit this shop called Shakespeare and Company. It is owned by a guy who is l think is around 91 years of ages and he lives above the shop. It is open from 12 pm till 12 am every day of the year, including Christmas Day! He allows aspiring writers to sleep and work on the premises free and they give some of their time for free. It is just overflowing with books and atmosphere!

 A small part of the shop, it is all nooks and crannies, many flights of stairs and a piano!
The  man himself!
One of the many beds that are all over the shop. I am not sure l would want to sleep here..bit creepy at night, l would have thought!
After leaving the shop, we walked along the Seine and came across this bridge which had great stone "heads" and also a flood measuring pole!!!
Underneath this bridge were many arches and in mosty of them there was a matteress and some belonging, which seemed to belong to homeless people. Not the nicest place to live, cold and very damp.
 See...l can find fungi every where! Both the next two images were taken down by the Seine.

This next image shows you a few of the many barges that are on the Seine. Can you see the car on the right-hand barge?
This last image for the 2nd day in Paris, is a "see through" policeman's security box. You see them all over the town, outside Police Stations and places of importance. Much better than a solid wooden one don't you think?
Day three next.......

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We who love travel and love you blog are never bored with your posts! Oh...that bookstore is incredible. I love your unique take ... makes me feel like I'm right there with you.