Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 2 in Paris!!!!!

Day 2 in Paris. Very excited on this day as l was going to meet an artist who is a blog friend and an a American (can't hold that against her! X) for whom l have a great deal of respect. Dayna's Art work is amazing and l was going to meet her and Howard, her person!! So excited!
On the way, we saw the usual "souvenir" sellers. This particular African guy was trying to sell us a miniature Eiffel Tower..! No sale from us but what colour would you choose?

Also on our way to meet them, we saw this walkway between two buildings. I just think using glass instead of brick or concrete is such a brilliant idea.  It lets the light flood through but is still useful!
The next image shows the row of shops near where Dayna and Howard had their accomodation. The reason l am showing you this is because l discovered that many shops in Paris, appear to have residential accommodation above them. I thought this was a very good idea.

The next image shows a shop that sells odds and ends but l thought these postcards were just SO French!!! 
And here they are........what gorgeous smiles! We spent time chatting and then Dayna and l went to a shop that sold..Sellotape!!! For those of you not in the know, we use it for journalling and Art work!!! Honest!  It was not exactly what we expected but it was an experience, my small amount of French came in useful.
While we were "shopping", the men had some time in a cafe. The image below shows where Howard had a lucky escape........only we know the true story! Ha. Nothing bad l promise!!!!
The image of Tony in the Metro, was taken because of the man behind him had a huge pair of blue glasses on.. Can you see his glasses? they are blue and remind me of Brains in the puppet show "Thunderbirds". Boy am l showing my age!!!
I was quite surprised to see Condom Machines outside chemist shops all over Paris......! Then my daughter told me, "that's nothing Mum". In Tanzania, where she was a few weeks ago, they are on the menu!!!
While walking down a very quiet side street in Paris, we came across this incredible second-hand shop!! I was in heaven! Actually l used to go to warehouses like this, when we lived in Luxembourgh. Mind you, my husband is quite happy we don't have many places like this in UK, we live in a "small" flat! ha.
The reason this poster, which we saw in a Vintner's window, is here is because Tony justed LOVED it. If you have time to read it, l think you will find it funny!
Typical French style...the broom matches his dustbin man's outfit!!!! Such style!

At least now, as different from 20 years ago, you can get a decent cup of tea in Paris, but it comes at a cost! Tea of all types are widely available but so expensive! I am sending some English Breakfast teabags to my French friend, who has gone back home..... She can't find it in France but again the price is high! The teabags seem to be made in cotton rather than paper as here in UK... seems "posher" somehow.
While l was waiting for Tony to come back from trying to find a bus-route map, the wind suddenly "gusted" and this plastic bag drifted past me. I managed to get this shot!
 One of the places l love to come back and see, each time we are in Paris is Notre Dame; this time it appeared to be cleaned. It is very white, l promise.

Think maybe you might be imaged out by now.... so night for now and more tomorrow! xx


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Day 2 is living up to Day 1! I love the little added extra personal shots , like the leaves and bag blowing in the wind. Makes me feel as if we're there!

Iz said...

Thank you for your encouragement re. the feltmaking! I love that wine poster...worth a go, isn't it?! Kill or cure...