Monday, October 25, 2010

A trip to Wimbledon Common's Windmill.

We went for a walk to The Wimbledon Windmill today, mainly because it was a wonderful day, but l also hoped to photograph some fungi and collect some sticks for my wall hangings.
This is the start of a wonderful walk to Wimbledon Common Windmill.

For weeks, l have been looking for a particular fungus, which is probably the most recognised mushroom in the British Isles. It is called Fly Agaric but we call it the Fairy Toadstool!! Then, to-day we saw hundreds of them. I was in 7th heaven.
The first one l saw had been picked and put on the stairs at the start of the walk! I was very cross because l keep seeing picked fungi just thrown away or stood upon by human feet. We encountered, a few minutes later, a couple who had found it and put it on the wall. Funny thing was, the young guy lives in the same flats as me!
 A few feet away I saw this one; I was so happy, even though it isn't whole.
 Oh wow...fairy land..wonder where the fairies are?
 I was amazed to see so many of these beautiful fungi....a real find.
I wonder what started to eat this one.......?
 This one looks different but l am sure it is the same.

 Story book images.
 Can you see the heart shaped bite on this one? so cute!
 Real woodland image l think.
This next image showed me for the first time, the way that the yellow/orange colour is actually in the flesh, not just a stain on the top layer.
 This fungus seems to be a brownish/orange top rather than reddish. It may be called "Blusher" but I am still checking.

Then l came across this one just starting it's journey into the light.
These are the other types l found, still trying to find out their names and l will add the correct names when, hopefully, I discover them!
I don't know the name of this one but it looks like an ape's paw/hand. Errie!
As we were walking on the Common, we came across an area where many Silver Birch Trees had been chopped down. We did wonder why as they didn't appear to be rotten. The image below made us laugh and think, as usual, Health and Safety had gone too far yet again.......!

Just before you reach The Windmill, you come across a water trough which has been placed here for the cattle and horses of the Common .
 The next image shows you The Wimbledon Windmill itself..
I am still looking up the names of the following fungi..please be patient!!
I think this next image is called Leucocoprinus cretaceus.

I think the next image really shows you how this fungus bursts out of the tree! Amazing! I believe this to be called..Birch Polypore. My goodness l have huge respect for people who can name all these fungi! Believe me it is NOT easy.
This one hopefully is called Tawny Grisette. It is in a Birch Tree area of the Common, so at least thats a start!
This one looks like water when mixed with oil..beautiful but slimy! They are called Birch Knight, l think.

This next image is not a very good one but the fungus itself fasinated me. It was quite difficult to photograph being SO white. It looked as if it had exploded and left bits all over the place but it is not the exploding kind. I think they were bits left behind from hungry animals taking bits away!
This next image of fungi on a tree maybe Exidia Recisa.
There were loads of people out and about on this glorious day, yet we didn't feel over-crowded on the Common. This family were feeding the ducks but what l overheard made me giggle. The child was about 10 months and the father was giving him bread to feed the ducks. The child had different ideas...he kept trying to feed the bread to dad! Lots of giggles!
 Just a beautiful place to sit and think...


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lynda -- I loved this post. Last year, I found some fairy toadstools here where we stay in Oregon -- exactly like the ones in your first photo. I had no idea they were the most common fungi in England. But it figures -- I think the climate is very similar. (But I'd never seen them before -- mostly we used to have just the brown or white ones when we lived near here).

I posted about my find almost a year ago. I don't know if my link will work but here it is:

Nathalie said...

Those mushrooms are pretty amazing! I love how you look at the world. x