Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Woman's Exhibition in the Centre.

This is the exterior of The Pompidou Centre , where one of the exhibitions that l wanted to see was being held. It was an Exhibition by Woman Artists.
One of the first "sellers" to arrive outside the Centre, hopeing to part the tourists from their Euro's!
Facts about The Gallery in many different languages!
The Exhibition...these first two "women" figures are just amazing...l loved them!


Thought this next exhibit was very funny!

Next work has been made by one of my favorite women artists .....Louise Bourgeois.

Aren't these shadows absolutely amazing?

This was part of the Architectural session of the Woman's Art Exhibition. Beautiful work, wish l could work this delicate.
The next day's images are unfortunetly missing in Paris. Somewhere betweeen this gallery and the next day l lost my camera's digital card..bother! One of the things that did upset me, was the loss of images from our meal with Dayna and Howard. That's life l suppose, at least l have the memories. 

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

How briliant of your sweet guy to plan your trip when this exhibition was on! Wonderful images (some are a little disturbing, but wonderful anyway)...

Bummer about losing your photo card.

Thanks for sharing ...