Friday, October 08, 2010

A rather stressed trip to a Council run Rubbish Tip!

As you all know, l have just spent a week in Paris ( it was great, it felt like a month!) and the last 3days in Rutland with my son and his wife. I took SO many images in Paris, that it will take me a few days to pull it all together!  In the mean time, l am  putting some other images up of a visit to a Council run rubbish tip, near Kew Gardens. We were taking somethings to this rubbish tip, drove in and stopped in the correct place. In the corner was a large number of bed mattresses. OH goody! l thought, photo oppurtunity! As l started to walk over, with my camera ....the trouble started. 
 l was approached by one of the workers who told me l couldn't do that! I asked "why no"? To which he said because you can't. Oh dear! That was like waving a red flag in front of a bull or as my husband said, l went of like a rocket! Ha! He kept on at me and then l said, "what are you frightened of me seeing"? oh boy!!! l had hit a nerve. He was not happy, eventually he told me l could go to the office and see a man about permission to take images. He very closely "escorted" me to the office, where l met "The Man". I was told l could take images but l had to be taken every where for Health and Safety reasons. If they had said that in the beginning, l would have been nicer and would have understood where they were coming from. I still think they had gone over board but then they do have permission to sell the stuff that comes to the site, also the public are not allowed to take any of the stuff bought there!!!Big shame!. As l pointed out to the guy..l was paying his wages by paying my council taxes, so yes l did have a right to ask questions! I was told l was rude and a danger to society!!!!!!
Well at least l won and got the images l wanted plus a few bits and pieces l found on the floor, that l managed to secretly stuff into my pocket! Ha!!

This large piece of wood is called a wooden egg and are quite difficult to find, so l am told. This one had a message stuck to it...which l thought was sad..why? I loved the message but the thought that it had ended up here, not being wanted, made me really sad!!
 To think after looking for a wooden egg for 35 years, finally finding it ,it ends up here at a rubbish sad!
 I would have also loved to have been able to take these two large stones as well!!!!!


Beach House Living said...

What an interesting place. I agree about the wood egg. How sad it was discarded so. Sometimes at the market you see family photo albums and just have a hard time thinking no one wanted to keep them.

Angie said...

Are they not into recycling? If not what a WASTE.