Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The end of the first day!!

Still on Day one would you believe.....l would have loved to see a show here but they are SO .......................expensive!!!!Our hotel was quite near easy to travel round Paris. Well done Tonyx

I thought this was a very good way to use empty space opposite your Art gallery. Very novel l thought!
This scultpure made me giggle! Jolly green giant comes to mind!
We found this on the wall of a block of flats..very funny!
There are artists every where in Paris but these guys did seem to actually be very good! Oh dear, that sounds so pretentious!! Sorry!
I love this place. The Sacre Coeur is just an amazing looking place and the views are just outstanding.

See what l mean?
This artist was drawing the building and l just loved her hat!
As l said earlier...the views are amazing!
At the bottom of the stairs was a roundabout..closed but l just love the horses.

I was very surprised to see shops with pile of clothes outside for very little! Sign of the times l suppose!
This was the view from our hotel room this first evening!...Gorgeous! Mind you, l didn't spend much time looking at it as l was shattered. I slept 12 hours straight.


Tory Brokenshire said...

Lynda, I love all the photos it is so nice to take trips with my art friends and never leave my little house. I'm glad your enjoying the soap, they are so fun and easy to make.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Lynda -- I am loving the tour and these pictures are great, with your own individual take -- you're so good at that.

I have to laugh at you apologizing for still being on Day 1 -- Don''t apologize -- keep posting all your great pictures.

Also when we travel, sometimes we will just spend part of a day someplace and end up taking more pictures than I will in a week on our next stop -- you never know.

Nathalie said...

That's so lovely to discover what a foreigner can say about the city. I totally agree with you about the Sacré Coeur, it's just so quaint. What makes me laugh is the fact you've got sex shops all the way a few streets below.