Thursday, December 03, 2009

The start of our day in Rutland County

I have had a lot of fun with my camera over the last few days but was frustrated because l couldn't upload them, as my laptop had decided to go on strike..NO IMPORTING!!!! Anyway, l have now found away round it until l can get Apple Engineer to have a look at it. Anyway on to the subject of what l took images of..Every time we go past Ikea, l try and get a couple of the many Ikea flags flying the same way.I must have tried at least 20 times and always failed until this Saturday!! I am so proud of myself..ok l admit there was a lot of luck in this....l managed to get ALL, yes all...the flags fluttering in the same direction. Fluke said my expert photographer l replied!Ha!

 As we got to Wembly Stadium area, we saw this wonderful car! So funny, not sure why but we all giggled when we saw it!

The reason for the trip was to see where my son and his wife will be living in April next year.Wow! we were very surprised, it is a beautiful county. As we got never our destination a rainbow began to appear., very faint l have to say but...a sign of good luck l felt.

Can't remember off hand  the name of the Service Area we stopped in but it was where we saw this gorgeous Wagtail...or the black and white bird as it is an "in" joke in our family. When we lived in Papua New Guinea, my husband was playing golf ( he only last one or two session but thats another story!) and suddenly saw this bird under a tree and it was singing beautifully. Tony asked his local caddy what it was called. "Ah yes that is the black and white bird"! and that was the answer we got no matter what sort of bird it was. If it was black and white then it was the and white bird!!!! became a family joke from then on!

It's markings are so clean and precise. It was hard getting an image because it kept the bird was moving so quickly and in all different directions. I could have sat there and watched him for ages.

I love pylons...but l have to admit they are not the prettiest thing on the landscape. I think it is something to do with all thoses lines and patterns they form. Apparently l have been fasinated by them since l was a tot. They are menacing in some way...l always feel as if they are about to move and walk all over the country side. There was a lot more of the journey to go but it is 01.44 in the morning and l am tired. So until tomorrow or rather today..goodnightx

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