Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Earl of Gainsborough and the walk across his private gardens!

 As yesterday's blog will tell you, we have spent the last 5 days up in Rutland, trying to sort out some of Andrew's garden and check the house was ok. One of the jobs we decided to do, was to sort out final demand stuff, that had come through the letterbox for the last tenant. So we set off up to Estate Office. The Earl of Gainsbourgh is the landlord of my son and daughter-in-law's house up in Rutland! We found out where to go, after speaking to the office and off we went. Very slowly and luckily not up hill, so Tony was ok and as it was a beautiful day, it was an enjoyable work.
The first thing we saw on our walk, was this sign on a gate, with a cattle grid beside it. We looked for the where to be seen, unless it is disguised as a Jacob's sheep! I love this breed of sheep because of the soft colours of brown, dark blacks,whites and cream. I also thing their  curved horns are cool! I also have to admit l love the lambs!!!so cute.

Walking regretfully away from these gorgeous creatures, we turned off the dirt track into a wooded area. The trees in the image below, made the walk magical and so beautifully serene!. It was so quiet, the occasional bird song, a warm breeze and a blue sky..gorgeous! 

As we came into an opening, we were faced with a choice, left or right turning? As we werr still wondering which way to go, this man stopped his green Landrover and asked if we needed help? The man was The Earl of Gainsbourgh, who owns the Estate! He was very sweet and when he realised who we were, told us to tell his secretary to allow us access to the gardens, on our way out of the Estate! 
He waved us goodbye and drove off, l was not sure if l should have bowed or not!Ha!
As we made our way to the house, we came across this amazing tree with its own huge fungi, growing on it. Fantastic!

We arrived at the back of the house and that was attrative enough, wonder what the rest of it looks like? we could also see that the house also had it's own chapel!
The next image is where we saw a horse being exercised. Not sure if this building has a name but l think this is where horses are exercised even when it is raining. I think it is a gorgeous shaped building! On the left-hand side of the building, you can see some steps, which are there to help you to get up and down from your horse!
After we had sorted out our buisness at the house, we were given directions to go across the gardens and come out at the Village Church. As we came round from the back of the house and came to the front of the house. WOW! So beautiful and took our breath away. 

We walked across the beautifully manicured grass, many fantastic trees and a beautiful pond full of ducks and a few swans. two of the trees are in the images below.

Then surprisingly we came across an enclosed area full of amazing hens and two cockerals. The image below is of one of the fantastic black cockeral. what an amazing creature!

As we came round a large tree, the image below came into sight. I have not yet found out if it is a real buliding that has burnt down or is a folly. When l find out, l will let you know!

then we were out of the estate and into the graveyard of the village church. And what a church. from the outside it looks nothing special but inside...a totally different story. I will put those images on tomorrow's blog. the church had a beautifully manicured garden and the grave stones were really interesting.
The image below was on the first sone, l saw when l entered the church. it is a gravestone, carved in 1831 and was in beautiful condition...amazing. so beautifully carved.
As we started to the exit gate, we came across this Yew tree, shaped into a triangle shape, next to the church gate. It was planted to celebrate the Millenium! It was donated to the church by the parishioners of the village of Exton...the village my son and daughter-in-law live!

If you are interested in what the main gates of the Estate looks they are in the image below. The grounds are amazing and we felt very privalged to see them, as the Estate is private and not normally open to the public.


Barb said...

A lovely walk, Lynda! What a grand estate. I'm glad your husband was able to walk with you and enjoy the sights. I loved the tree photos. Smiles to you!

Beach House Living said...

What a grand afternoon. It must have been hard to leave.

Marilyn Rock said...

What a magnificent estate. Thanks for sharing with us; I felt like I was there! Lovely blog and I will be back often for visits. Thank you for your lovely comments you left on mine and following :) Have a joyous day! Marilyn

Kris Henderson said...

What a dream of a walk! Absolutely stunning countryside you have there.
Great post, thanks for sharing.