Wednesday, April 07, 2010

nature at its best and a quick giggle!

The next image is of a tree l noticed, as l was walking down Portsmouth Rd. I wonder why it does this or is encouraged by some animal do you? I know there are trees in Richmond Park that the squirrels like to pull the bark off but l have never seen it come off like this before! Almost as if it is shedding its bark, like a snake sheds its skin!
Talking about trees...l was pleased to see that boys do still climb trees. I would have liked that they had picked a sturdier tree to climb but least they are out side and not indoors on a game machine, when the sun is shinning. They did no damage to the tree, so all is well!

The next image is of a tree l really love. My mind has suddenley gone blank but l think it is called a Jackarander Tree. They used to be all over the place, where we lived in Papua New Guinea and they smell devine! This one was in garden that was all concrete except for this tree!

The next image is of a large bush and some times it is a tree and for the life of me l cannot remember its name. It is every where at the moment and brightens everything up with its amazing yellow colour.
This next image, l found in a doorway in Barnes Village. I would think most people would miss it as it is in a narrow door way and at ground level. It is a shame because l think it is rather beautiful and quite unusual!


The last image for today, is one l hope will make you laugh or at least smile. Seen on the main high street in Barnes Village, l rather think the owner is wishful thinking..don't you?

I am going a way for  a few days for a break  and am unsure of the availabilty of internet services in the area l am going to. I hope too blog but if not, l will be back on the 12th April. xx


merci33 said...

looks like we are both tuning into the trees've given us some wonderful glimpses of spring in London...the yellow bush looks like Forsythia and the one before that reminds me of our Magnolias...isn't that pink so luscious.

have a great time away...

Lynda Howells said...

thanks for giving me the correct names for my bush and treexxx

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Yep! Magnolias and forsythia! Two of my most favorite spring things! And the smell from the magnolias? Divine!