Friday, April 16, 2010

A visit to the village church.

Hi everyone. From today, l am going to be adding my art work and weekly comps as well as my daily travels. You will also find Ruby Tuesday and Shadow Box Sunday on here as well.. So l hope you will still enjoy what you read and see!

Visit to the village Church!
As promised in yesterday blog, l am going to try and show you what the inside the Church lookes like. It is, in my opinion, an really interesting and unusual church. As you go through the very plain looking church doors, suddenly you are faced with all these huge mabel statues, jams for sale, an easter child's scene and so much more!
The first image, is the main aisle of the chuch which leads to the Alter. There are many flags hanging from the roof, there are numberous tombs, a huge organ and many other items in differentnooks and crannies of this intrigining Church.

The window over the alter is amazing, so full of colours that just shout out at you, even when there is not much light coming through the glass. The cross on the Alter is beautiful, but you can't see it from this image, as the cross itself is covered in a plastic bag. More than likely to protect it from the strong light coming through the stainglass window.

There are some amazing tombs and statues scattered round the church. There are a few images of them below. Each of the big tombs can actually light up, which makes them look even more amazing and striking, if that is possible!

The image below is of the whole tomb...huge isn't it?The metal tubes in the second image, is of the rather large organ in the Church.

The next image is of a smaller tomb but still impressive l think. The image below is quite dark and l didn't want to use flash, it seemed wrong some how! I have also included a detail of the marble tomb, beautiful details. Love the the shadows made by the light coming through the triangle shaped window panes. Will have to use this image for Shadow Box Sunday!

The next image is a " set-up" as my son would have called it, when he was young. It is the story of Easter and was in the area of the children's section of the church. Very sweet and simple but says it all.

The funeral cart below was given to the church by a family who had lost their son in the 1st world war (I think!). It has their family name, dates and other family info on it. It is a beautiful piece of workmanship, made of wood and brass and would be pulled by a horse. You can see how loving it has been cared for and looks as if it is still being used today.
The next image is to me, so typically British. Home-made jams and chutneys are for sale and you are asked to place the money opposite the font....the church believes in your honesty! How refreshing is that?
The next thing l found, was something l have never seen before in any other Church...The Holding Cross. The cross really does fit beautifully between your fingers, as you pray. The leaflet explains to the reader, how to hold the cross and also give the reader a pray to say. The Church trusts you to hold the cross and then put it back into the basket. In other words..don't pinch it..steal it...pocket it...or what ever you call, walking away with it still in your hand! It is very tactile, soft and smooth and l must admit, would be so easy to walk away with it..but l didn't...l promise!
The last image, is one that every Church couldn't possibly do without these days....The Accident Report Book! How sad.....need l say more?

There were so many more things l could have put into this image blog of the Church but it would go on for ever!Ha. I think l have given you a taste of the Church and if you are ever in the is worth a visit..l promise.


Beach House Living said...

Churches don't seem to be built like that one is anymore. The years that must have gone into building it I can't imagine.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful church. Very nice carvings and the glass work.

Kat said...

What a beautiful church :)

La Dolce Vita said...

what a great blog and a fascinating post! thanks for visiting my blog too! I will be back!

Felisol said...

An extraordinary beautiful and living church.
I admire the blend of ancient relics and tokens of an engaged, conscious parish.
I'd love to spend some time there embracing the cross.

Dave said...

Last year I was lucky enough to visit Priory Church here in Dorset, and these old churches are really amazing, specially inside, the details and architecture are breathtaking.

Lynda Howells said...

thank you everyone was visiting my blog..nice to know l am not alone!Hax l enjoy doing this blog and also visiting all your interesting blogs too. See you soonxlynda

Dianne said...

the window is amazing
all the art and sculpture is
so much detail and history

EG Wow said...

You took great shots from inside. I know from experience that that is not all that easy in low light. The stained glass is very beautiful!

LDH said...

Hello Lynda, So nice stopping by and visiting your blog here. I have perused several of your posts and found each one so interesting.

Thank you for stopping by my place and following along.

Kindly, ldh