Saturday, April 03, 2010

An exciting trip to the Supermarket!Ha!

Tony has at last, had his heart scan and we now know his left side is enlarged but what they  also discovered, was he has blood leaking between the values?  It appears to have been going on for a long time but never been picked up before now. As he had check-ups every year when working, l am surprised! What that means at the moment, l am not sure but they don't want him driving, which upset him greatly! We now have to wait for an appiontment with the big man, who will tell us what's next? Poor Tony is so resticted about what he can do and spends most of the day sitting down or sleeping. Watch this spot for new breaking news! From the image will see he still has his sense of humour..well most of the time!Hax

Yesterday, we went shopping to Sainsbury's Supermarket in East Sheen! Such excitment! Because Tony can't walk very far, go up steps or lift anything, we are resticted to what or where we can Supermarket is best we could do ! Tony leans on the trolley and if it gets too much, he goes back to the car. Anyway, on the way to Eash Sheen, we go down this certain stree that has cherry trees all the way, on each side. Until late last week, the trees were bare but in just a few day, they are in full bloom. Spring has sprung and l am so happy. I am now waiting to go to Kew Gardens and photograph the trees in bloom there....Next week l think because the weather is hopefully going to be better and by then l will have arrange a wheelchair, so l can take Tony round too.  I am trying to research if l can hire an eletric one as l am not sure l am strong enough to push a normal one. Keep your fingers crossed please!
Once we got to the supermarket, l remembered l need to get some cas out, the reason being most of my cash has gone on Hospital Carparking metors lately! As l was waiting, l noticed a plane flying over, a little lower than normal and as the clouds were quite dark, it looked amazing. I had my camera with me (no change there then!) and quickly tried to take an image. I took 3, and was really pleased with the one below. the area in East Sheen has a plane over every 2 mins during the day! this one has its front wheel  and undercarraige down, so l think it was preparing to land at Gatwick.
The next image is of the trolley's in a mass, outside the entrance to Sainsbury's Supermarket.Why you ask? Well normally all the trolleys are the colours of the and orange. So why is there a blue handle right in the middle of the bunch? I know l need to get a life!Ha! But seriously little things like that interest me and also make good photographs!
On entering the market, you unstantly know it is Easter soon....your eyes are assulted by a wall of colur and signs saying 3 for £5 or £2 each! This was only a small amount of the eggs on sale inside the supermarket. Makes me want to ask the supermarket, how much the chocolate makers and cocoa farmers actually get for each egg?
Don't quite know why this guy was waiting outside the front of the supermarket but he was muttering to himself and rocking backwards and forwards. It looked as if he was deciding to go or not, after a few more rocking moments, he raised his arm and then shot off as if in a race. He may have been talking on the phone or waving at some one to say he was now leaving but l prefer my story!

On leaving the supermarket, we were in a queue waiting to go round a round-about leading onto a dual carriage way, when l looked out of my window in to a group of trees. I must have gone past this group of tree thousnads of times and never noticed this nest before. I think it is a sqirrel's drey as it is it the V of some branches and it is on its own. I will have to keep an eye on it in future and see if l can see a quirrel using it.

This is an image of a very tired Tony, after our trip to the supermarket but he is still smiling! It must be so hard for him to be so disabled when he was a fit, active and busy person. He is coping well on the outside but l can see he is struggling. Hopefully we will be able to see the consultant soon and start to improve his life and get him back to his old self again.


Beach House Living said...

Hope Tony's health improves soon.

Lynda Howells said...

thank youx so do l!x