Monday, April 19, 2010

Fairies, Mounted Policemen and Flower Power in London!

As l came out of my flat today..l was greated by this little Tinker Bell, sitting on my stone step. Good luck for the day l felt! Nice to think that fairies are coming to visit me!

Living in Putney, every so often we have to put up with Fulhan playing at home! Sorry, l am a Rugby fan not football...too many hooligans for my liking and puffed up footballs that worry about their appearance too much for my mind!!!!! I like macho men!!! Anyway, that means we have to have extra police, police transport, police dog-handlers and mounted police to keep the people safe and control the crowds. The only thing l enjoy about the whole charade, are the police horses going through the town. These two in front of our mini, were waving to the men in the pub. As soon as the pub customers saw the police, they let out a loud roar and laughted and so the police smiled and waved back. All very friendly, well it is before the match after all! time for more beer to flow before kick off!
Once a week, on a Friday, we have a fresh fish store in one of the open areas in Putney. Usually he is extremly busy but l think we caught him when it was quiet and he might have been bored! This image shows him standing with his hands in his apron pockets and staring at a brick wall!!!! Reminds me of when we lived in Port Moresby, in Papua New Guinea. We would often see locals eating, say their lunch, on one side of them would be an amazing view and the other a brick wall. You guessed it.More often or not, they would choice the brick wall. I remember once, asking a local friend of mine, why this happened? He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Why not the brick wall?"
We caught up with more mounted police going across Putney brige, there were 6 of them. My goodness they are beautiful animals and the policeman are looking well kept too!
The next two images are of a doorway and a hanging bell l saw in East Sheen. The door is smaller in height,  than you would normally expect a door to be, but is beautifully decorated. It is set into a wall rather than a door to a house, which might explain while it is not as tall, as one would normally come to expect in an entrance to a house! The bell was hanging from the frame of window bars, in the house next door. It appears to be something you would may be hang from a Christmas tree and l think . looking at the decorations that are painted on it, it is German. I wonder why it has been tied to the outside of the bars, exposed to the elements and passing thieves? Maybe someone found it and just tied it many mysteries in the world still to solve!Ha!

This next image made me giggle. The site/complex of flats, has been awarded a special award for design l think. Looking at this and the surrounding area, you ask yourself "Why?" and "You are kidding...right"? But actually around the back of these painted boardings, are the actual buildings but they are not very easily viewable from the road! You would have thought that they could have done a different paint job wouldn't you? great advertising!!!..NOT!

I wish the next image was better but we were driving passed it, in fast flowing London traffic and l had 2 secs to click! It is an American style car with enough auto "Bling" on it to make most men smile. It had a group of men hovering over it at the front and what appeared to be a very proud owner showing it off. Have to admit it does look beautiful!

In an area in Putney, there is a very popular Butchers and outside it stands a large size black and white plastic cow! But do you see what is between her two front legs? junior version of cute!

Back in the car again to take our daughter home, we got stuck behind his green truck. Had to giggle when l saw what was written on the back of this green waste dispoal truck...(waste disposal men in my area are known to be stroppy at the best of times). "Cheap and friendly service" who are they trying to kid! Maybe because they are Polish, they are more friendly!

While we were driving through Parson Green area of London, we stopped to let this young lady cross the road. The phase " Flower Power" comes to mind.."What goes around, comes around",  as my grandmother used to say. Nothings really new in it?
This last image is in this blog because it cheered me up, with its bright colours and l thought it was a cheerful way to close today's blog. Night allx


Hey Harriet said...

I really enjoyed this little tour of London. A lovely series of photos!

Menopausal musing said...

Wonderful photos, my favourites were the fishmonger and the bell, the bell especially.

Oh, and then I scrolled down and saw the photo of Marc Bolan with the feather boa and smiled! :O)

Ida said...

A wonderful array of images. thanks for visiting my blog.

La Dolce Vita said...

love your photo montage... a great tour!

Beach House Living said...

What a fun photo series. The cow set is my fav.

Clytie said...

A fascinating tour. I love the fairy on your doorstep - a wonderful way to start the day.

Tina Gilmore said...

I so want a tinkerbell on my doorstep too. Love the bell and cows too.

Lynda Howells said...

Thanks everyone for visiting my blog and leaving lovely messagesx