Friday, April 30, 2010

First stages of making some very unusal postcards!

I am also using this blog to show-case some of my serious and fun Art Projects. One of the course l am taking at the moment is great fun. It is run by an amazing artist called Traci bunker, who is in Americaa and her blog is
The course l am participating in is making very unusual and any size postcards. They are collaged and painted, then collaged and maybe painted again and some are finished with wax, to which objects have been embedded into the wax. I am at the very beginning, which is finding odd bits of cardboard and collaging them. Can be orgainized or random. You do both sides, l have put the first four basic image up here for you to view. As each stage is finshed l will upload them. I have not had so much "FUN" for ages. Thanks Traci!
Front and Back of postcard 1

Side 2

 Then Postcard 2. Side 1  There is a hole just under the word Timeless..which will be to hang this one if the owner wants too! (the red is my carpet!).

Side 2.

Then postcard 3. side 1

Side 2. Sorry doesn't want to go to centre of page!!

Postcard 4. side 1.

Side 2.

When l have finished the next part of the course...will upload the next step of these postcards. Hope you are impressed so far!!!!! No seriously, l do not mind if you don't like them or are confused..go and see traci's work. It is work viviting her blog!


Nora Johnson said...

Hi Lynda!
Many thanks for stopping by my blog! I've just had a quick read through some of yr earlier posts - btw. congrats to yr father on his wonderful achievement! I'll certainly return to peruse further when I've got a bit more time!

Have a great weekend & maybe *see* you again for Ruby Tuesday?! (I note we're both "Life of The Poet" followers!


Nora Johnson said...

Me again, slip of the computer! Meant "Work of the Poet"!


layers said...

hello. thank you for stopping by my blog. I see we have several things in common.. I also love collage. and I have ordered several rubber stamps from Traci Bunker, and I have been to London and Edinburgh this past summer.. my son married a girl from Scotland and we went to their wedding.
and I love mail art collages too.

Felisol said...

You have managed to produce such a variety in style and themes in your card art.
I am impressed and very curious about to where this will lead.
Keep up the good work!