Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A walk through Putney Heath and a bacon sandwich..bliss!

Today, Tony and l went on a walk to Roehampton and back through the woods. It was a very warm (although Tony wouldn't agree!!), sunny afternoon and it was a nice change after yesterday's rainy, windy day! 
This first image, is of a mass of dying foxgloves. When the sun was shinning on them, there was a beautiful purple haze over them but unfortunetly, it doesn't seem to have come out, in this image.

When l first saw the image below, l thought l was looking at a paper plate, someone had thrown away. After seeing another two, l suddenly realised they were actually fungi! They are SO white on top and underneath but l have to go and look at my fungi book, to find out the names of all the fungi l found today. Will blog them later. 

We then decided, as lt was still so lovely, we would go and get a bacon sandwich and cup of tea, from the stand by the Green Man and sit on a bench and look at the woods...bliss. As we got near the bench. l reaslised that this tree was an apple tree but unfortunetly they were too high up for us to pick. Will have to take a walking stick with us, on future walks! 
The bench we chose to sit on, is new to us and l think the brass label on it is rather sad. These twins  appeare to have died together, at the age of 51. I wonder how they died?
In this particular part of Putney Heath, there are a lot of different grasses. These decorative grasses, seem out of place here, somehow!
The next grasses are ones you see all around but mixed in amongst the decorative grasses, they all look gorgeous.

There are so many blackberries around at the moment but until this afternoon, l had not realised how decorative the leaves on the bramble branch, could look.

The next image is one of the many fungi l found today. Again, l do not know what these are called but will be checking up later on. Tomorrow l will, hopefully put up all the names of the ones l found today, !!  Isn't this fungi the most gorgeous colour?'''..burnt orange l think l would call it
When got almost to our door, we were greeted by one of my neighbours cats! He looked at me as if to say, " This is my sun trap...go away"!

Just outside our block of flats, are some gorgeous plants...l will leave you will a few of them. 

Night folks. Off to deliver this laptop and a camera to my son tomorrow....a mother's job is never done..even if they are in their 30's and married! But then l wouldn't have it any other way..... really!x


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Great walk Lynda -- Fall is coming! Beautiful things you discovered. That bench is kind of haunting -- one wants to know the rest of the story!

Anonymous said...

I am an infrequent visitor to your blog but enjoy it so so much!! I live in the San Francisco area of Northern California, USA. I have forgotten how I came to find the link to your blog but you never cease to give a lift to my spirit with your photos and comments. Especially loved the post about your dad and the pipes. God. That WAS you, wasn't it? Forgive me if I have had a "senior moment". I am pretty sure you blogged about your dad and his bagpipes and had a link to a vid clip, right?

Anyway. Love you blog and want you to know that a visitor from across the pond really enjoys your journey, words and pix.


Angie said...

i do love your trips around. Did you not go on ancestry to find out who the twins were!

lynda howells said...

thanks all of you for dropping byxxx was my dad who played but the drums not bagpipes!!Also hadn't thought about checking out names ect to find out about twins..will do some research and let you all know.x