Monday, November 01, 2010

A trip to Rutland and back

This last Friday, Tony and l went up to Rutland to visit Andrew ( our son) and Gemma ( our daughter-in-law) but mainly to "babysit" Alfie, their new puppy!! They were going to a Halloween Party and didn't want to leave Alfie on his own for that long. Also, as it is around Bonfire Night, there may be loud bangs and it wouldn't be fair on a little puppy to be on his own and be frightened! BUT...really we didn't need excuses! Ha! 
The next image is in just because l love pylons...think it is all those lines!
The journey from London to Rutland was full of amazing Autumn colours...reds, yellows, oranges, browns and greens. On a Nature programme the other week, we learnt all about why the leaves turn
.....Nature is so fantastic!

I love this town, it is called Stamford, and l used to visit here when l was a child, living in R.A.F. Wittering, which is just down the road. 

While we were passing through the town, l noticed this three wheel car. I love the fact that it also carrying a saving?

This is one of the many thatched houses in the village where Andrew and Gemma live, beautiful isn't it? Real chocolate box England.

 And here is my wonderful "city now countryfied" son..wellington boots and all!
Can you guess what the image below is of? Well it is supposed to be the roof of a thatched cottage. More moss than straw l think! Even though it is meant to be thatch but l do love Moss...the colour and the texture.
 Throughout the village were signs of Halloween and all that means.
 Autumn has come to the village and it looks gorgeous.
There are not many images of me that l like. This was taken by my husband and l think Alfie and l look quite good....even if l say so myself.
 Here is the beautiful puppy himself. I am not an animal lover but he really has captured my heart.
 In the following image puppy was actually hurt or was made to become intoxicated !!!
 Mutual cute.
 This is my son and his wife off to their Halloween Party. They each carved their own pumpkin as part of the entry to the party! Gemma won third prize and Andrew reckoned it was because of her short skirt! Ha. I think they are gorgeous but then l am biased!
 Alfie is now 15 weeks old and ever since he came to live with them, he has taken to hiding or lying under one of the settees in their lounge. As he has got bigger, he has found it harder to get under. It is funny to see how he struggles to get under..silly dog!Ha!
 Tony was unable to move all evening and you can see from the image below why!

 When Tony got up eventually to go to the bathroom, Alfie took over the who really is in charge in this household?
 Cuddle time!
 I love Autumn!

This time we came home via Stratford (East London not "upon Avon"), where there are a lot of Olympic Games Buildings going up. Love the shape of this one. Roll on 2012.
 Just had to take an image of this sign, on a pavement in Stratford. Did make me giggle!
 This was a sad sight on a signpost at the side of the road.  These kind of memorials are appearing all over the UK, they seem to have started to appear after Princess Diana's funeral.
 On the way home , we went to visit our daughter in Islington. Just outside her flat, l saw this branch and these beautiful leaves. Colour is the only thing l love about Autumn.
 The image below is of one of the bins outside a supermarket in New Kings Rd, London. An amnesty for knife holders..great idea l think!

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Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wow Lynda -- what a great short trip. Yes, you and the dog both look great!! So do your kids!

Interesting to see the Olympic buildings going up -- they were already starting to build them when we had our "once in a lifetime" trip. 2012 seemed like rather a long time in the future then.