Thursday, February 16, 2012

grr...l hate graphic design problems!

Not much to show or talk about today except.....l am at my wits end trying to design my flyer(or leaflet as my printer keeps calling it!) , sort out getting all my art stuff from home to the studio and a dozen other things that keep going wrong!!Grrrrrrrrr!! Was so uptight with everything this afternoon, l went and had coffee...very pretty!

 Then on way back to studio found this ..just right for the dye pot..Life doesn't look too bad after all!!xx


deanna7trees said...

isn't it wonderful that one little great find can change our whole mood.

Martine said...

beautiful, the piece of iron and.............the coffee!

Penny said...

Ah good things are always right around the corner!!

Scott said...

It's awesome how many things we can find around us that can make us smile. Art is everywhere if you know how to look at it. Just don't give up and you'll be alright.