Sunday, February 05, 2012

A wonderful Sunday and WALES WON!!!!!!!!!!

Just before l start this entry, l just have to say this. Yippee..Wales won against Ireland today, in Ireland. Way to go guys!

Look what l received in the post this week...isn't it beautiful? It is a "Curious Element" from my Artist soul mate Dayna, in Portland, USA. I have sent her some eco-dyed and stiched patches.....doesn't seem enough after receiving this beautiful piece of work. I know how much work goes into each piece.
Am so glad the snow settled and stayed overnight....just love snow.

Today's self-portrait is my new boots and wonderfully warm boot socks!!

We needed to use the car today, as we were going over for lunch with Jenny. Went to the garage, got into the pocket rocket and pressed the knob to open the garage doors......nothing. Um...what to do? So we reversed back to the entry door and had to go out that way. Felt very strange going out the wrong door!Ha!
This was the first snowman l saw today, which was beside the exit gate of our Estate. It cheared me up no end and made me giggle...someone has a wonderful sense of humour!!!!
Fun and shopping all at the same time! 

The white virgin snow on the wires of the bridge made it look so magical.
Went past one of my favorite sights today, Battersea Power Station. It is so  dramatic and powerful looking but is such a wreck. I wish they would hurry up and try and save it before it is to late. One of the other things about this site,is the machinery in the front of the building and the way it sits on the edge of the River Thames. The cranes look like some weird metal animals!

Can you see the Peace sign here in Parliment Square? ..well it used to be quite a large peace camp( loads of tents etc)  but l thought it had been closed down.... seems the main guy maybe back again. Will have to investigate....!

 This is the beautiful lunch spread our daughter Jenny had set out for us, on her wonderful new table. Don't you just love her jazzy chairs?x

Dad's can be very useful sometimes......helping to fix jenny's wobbly table!
Love the "circle"  that has formed around the sapling outside my front door.


Dayna Collins said...

The snow is beautiful! And I am so glad you like your Curious Element. Isn't it fun swapping art??

Penny said...

Thanks for the snow pictures. We have had NONE all winter. Flowers are beginning to bud and frogs are laying eggs. Woe is me!

lynda Howells said...

Yes it is Daynaxxx
Penny..sorry you have no snowxxx have sent you a messagexx