Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My studio...yeh!

Me in my new studio, wrapped up warm as no heating sorted yet!I can watch the trains go past if l get bored!Ha! if!
This will be my own studio area and office space. Has nothing in really at moment expect a chair and small desk..oh an a paper shredder!

This is the other end of the room looking from the window.
This shows you the door to the main studio and one to the store cupboard and loads of book shelves. Tony will be so pleased when all the stuff is out of the flat!Ha!
This is the store room which has a square safe in it..would you believe! Behind the mirrored doors are LOADS of shelves!!

This is the main Studio on the left as you enter the studio.

 This is the right hand side of the room and you can see the door to the kitchen.
This is the loo that used to have a door on the outside of the building but now it has an inside door. Yippee!
Peeping into the kitchen......l have suddenly realised l have no images of the tidy kitchen!!
Kitchen full of "stuff" that the landlord has left for me. I have now moved it all into their correct place...for now!

 The adventure starts...........
saw this in my way home.....almost all the snow has gone except for this lonely snowman!


red2white said...

This is every artist's dream, looks very spacious. Good luck!

Terrie said...

Your look is so pleasing, so warm and contented ! Now that you have a spacious studio for own creation and workshops. Such a dream materialised. If I also have one like that is my dream.

Dayna Collins said...

So thrilling that you have your own studio!

Lis said...

Great space!

artymess said...

OMG ....I WANT ONE ........looks fantastic .......go Lynda ...xx

Cath said...

Wow Lynda! Your studio looks fantastic, so much space there, put in a bed and you could move in!! hee hee. The light looks really good too, I bet you can't wait to get organised now. I'm extremely envious.

lynda Howells said...

I know what a lucky woman l am and what an amazing hubby l have , who is supporting me for a few months while l get on my feet! So l better get on with it and not let him down!Hax I have waited 40 years for this..the heavens are smiling on me!Thanks for all your support guysx.

lynda Howells said...

Cath come and see it for real..l owe you a coffeexxlynda

Emma said...

Wow, that is a long dream! Is that space ALL yours, is it far away?

Love that blueberry dye a couple of posts below.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Lynda. Just happened upon your blog. Your new empty studio has so many possibilities! I think everyone is envious!
best from Tunisia,

Sallie ( said...

How great is that Lynda! Your very own studio.... "a room of one's own"... can't wait to see the beautiful creations as I'm sure you will be even more inspired than ever!

Annette said...

woohoo what a fantastic space... can't wait to see the work you will produce here..
many hugs