Monday, February 06, 2012

Snow and bundle opening day!!

The snow has almost gone...not fair!!!!!

Today is "ironing and show" here goes. This is my large silk piece l wrapped with banana skins and then dyed in red onion skins...l am so in love with it. This is what it looked like before l unwrapped it!I left it foe proud of myself!Ha!
This is what it looks like now after being washed and it.
This image has l think a figure in it..can you see it?
Here is the whole piece being ironed. Have not decided what l am going to do with it yet but l think l may use it as a whole piece.

I see a figures and maybe a cat in this....what do you see? Ha!
This was a shawl l originally dyed with Eucaylptus but was not happy with l re-dyed it using blueberries. This is what it looked like then.....! Very dark and purple and when l unwrapped it, was not sure l liked it at all.
I was not sure l liked this when l unwrapped the bundle and left it to dry. It was a very dark purple in colour and looked really un-naural. Then after leaving it to rest for a week, decided to wash it agin and was going to then re-dye it. I had quite a surprise when l started to rinse it, loads of colour came out. I though all the unset colour had come out the first time. But this time the colour that was left was just what l had hoped for. I am happy! just the sewing to do now.


deanna7trees said...

i see lots of faces, beasts, eyes and indian head turned out great.

Anonymous said...

oooh-lah-lah. To me the first cloth is a picture of the cosmos! I would be loathe to cut it!

Ginny Huber said...

Love the piece with the figures..I can see them in the second and third photos really well! The blueberry one is a delight too; will be interested in what the stitching does to it. Love seeing these..and re: snow. I am always glad when it goes!!

Martine said...

Isn't it amazing what overdyeing does? Wonder what you are going to do with the beasties piece in the end.

Maggi said...

The first cloth is gorgeous. definitely some figures in there and also hands in the first picture.

Cath said...

Really exciting results, your patience has paid off! Seems we may get a little more snow at the end of the week, so don't despair just yet. Brrrrrrrr, I've gone off it though, after the last couple of years!

lynda Howells said...

thank you everyone for such wonderful commentsxxxx