Sunday, February 19, 2012

While my wonderful husband and son sorted out my flyers and studio yesterday, l spent my usual Saturday at Brick Box. We had a great day concentrating on Mazes and this is the beginning of the Maze being built by Brick Box artists. 
 So for today we concentrated on Mazes. Firstly we had some mazes to complete on paper, from simple to very complicated ones.

They then went from paper to completing or designing their own 3D maze .

Then we went on to the actual maze... which was greatly enjoyed. Some children were quite reluctant to go in on their own, others ran straight into it and others just stood and looked! I found l had to sort of kidnap the children and then the adults were quite happy to let them or even join in, in some cases! I really enjoyed watching the children become more and more confident the longer they stayed in there.

An English Bulldog, or so l am told! Very cute looking although l don't like this breed at all.
This is the table all ready for the Leather Workshop which was also being held today. Adults and children made some wonderful accessories.

This is one of a pair of leather earrings a wonderful young lady of 7 made for me... so sweet.
These are some of the wonderful things you will find in Terry's vintage shop in Tooting Market.
This young lady had been running around the maze and then just sat down and slumped. Was so funny to watch! Ha
She then went and borrowed one of my boxes and started to use it as a pretend car, included all the movements and noises! Was so sweet to watch. I have always said to parents to forget expensive toys and just give them lots of large cardboard boxes! Ha!

She has such wonderful facial expressions!

It was a fun day!


Beach House Living said...

What a great way to spend a day. I like all the leather goods.

Dayna Collins said...

Looks like it WAS a fun day.