Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weather and The Brick Box

My latest eco-dyed paper is now dry, ironed and ready to be worked. I decided to draw on this one, rather than sewing. I started by drawing round the leaf imprints with a permanent black marker and then sat and looked at it for a while! I decided to use permant markers on it and just doodle. Wanted to give the book an ancient feel.......

This is the first page finished..very pleased with it.

Right back to my day.....As it is Saturday it must be a Brick Box day!
Doesn't blue sky make a big difference to an image? Remember yesterday's image of my flats, snow and grey sky?!!!

One of the very large, beautiful houses around me is being renovated.....look what l saw had been riped out today. Oh l hope they put it is gorgeous.
The next few images show you "Nature" on my walk to the bus stop.

Come rain..or doesn't stop them running......

Hello Brick Box.
Today's the Art Project was making Valentine Cards. I had some new faces today and some regulars. A gorgeous brother and sister who had not been before....amazing Art work.

This is my 2 year old Spanish whirlwind who attends most Saturdays!!
Oldest of the three brothers.
Very cute younger brother.....
Feeling very sick "middle" brother but still managed to make a beautiful card for his parents. He did try to smile by saying "chocolate" but it didn't really work..poor little one.

The evening was very cold.....

Home sweet home!


Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Haven't stopped in for a while, your piece is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! xox Corrine

Dayna Collins said...

All the kids look so happy making art!

Beach House Living said...

Your handmade paper is lovely!

lynda Howells said...

thank youi everyonexx

Anonymous said...

wow! what a photo-journal! Love the kids and their projects... that must be fun for you. I REALLY like the paper and your artful doodles! Is it finished, or will there be more to show?

Unlike you, the unseasonably warm temps continue here in Eastern Mass. I'm almost ready to put my house plants back outside and it's freakin' FEBRUARY!