Saturday, February 04, 2012

happy Day!

It is 10.46 and it is SNOWING..yippee!First image l took with flash, so you could see the snow falling! 
This image was taken at same time..very weird street lights l think but am not sure. Yippee sledging tomorrow!!!!
Just 2 more days and l take my own studio/workshops..yeh!!!! Had a great day teaching ,playing and talking to friends at Brick Box in Tooting today.
 Ava who is three and a budding artist.
Love these lights

 Drawing with glue!

This is my friend who sells wonderful homemade bread called Roman Bread..gorgeous stuff.
To-day was COLD!!!!!!!

Love these tights
Bright colourful hair..otherside was red!


Emma said...

So which bit of you are you teaching? Good luck ;)

lynda Howells said...

Ha..l was teaching children , who pop in to the cafe...stencilling this week. Great fun!!! i work there voluntarily fridays and present!!

Terrie said...

What a chilly day but beautiful views. Colorful boots on white snow and nice lunch setting in a cozy home. Stay warm, my dear.