Sunday, May 02, 2010

A walk to the hospital gym and back!

We went for a small walk today as we both need to get fit again. The weather was not brillant but at least it was not rainning, as the weather man on the radio had fortold! As we came out of the gates to my 1930's Estate, we were confronted by the sight of a purple jag!!! Such a beautiful car deserves a more respectible colour than this shade of purple. Maybe Racing green, deep blue but purple!!!!!!

Roehampton, which is just around the corner from my home, has a reputation for being quite rough and full of gangs and drug dealers but l have to admit we are very rarely troubled by it. There is a monument on a piece of green, which celebrates the World wars. Each Remembrance Day, wreaths are layed on the steps of this monument.  Frequently there are youths sitting on it smoking and drinking but the wreaths stay there untouched. Quite a feat l think, considering the reputation this area has. I have walked past this monument hundreds of times but it was only today l realised that one of the figures around the top of the monument has it's head missing. Not a mind shattering discovery but for some reason it upset me!

In one of the small streets in Roehampton, is a Convent and looking through my images, l realised that l had no photographs of it. I keep a journal that has images in it, of the area around my flat. I record new building going up, old ones coming down, the trees each year, gardens and so on. So l thought l had better rectify the fact. The Covent appears to also have either rented or sold of parts of it off for flats and also seems to have some sheltered accomadtion flats too. The door to the Convent is quite ornate l think.

As we walking towards St. Mary's Hospital, we went passed this Lilac and l remembered some thing from my childhood. When l was about 12 and at Boarding School, l decided to send some Lilac to my Mother for Mother's Day. I carefully picked a good spray, wrapped it in wet tissue and posted it on Saturday morning. I didn't think how long it would take to get to my parents house....3 days later it arrived...very dead! but the thought was there.

The image below caught both our attention as we carried on walking. The bush was so striking, it appears to us, that the leaves are deep purple and the new growth is pale green. The contrast is very striking and if l ever have a garden again, l want one!
As many of you may remember l love rust and wood, so this next image must be added to my favorites list!

The area we are now walking in, is no longer full of council houses and flats but very large and very expensive detached houses. As the image below will tell you..need l say more?!

In one of these wonderful homes, we saw this wall. What a wonderful way to use drainage pipes! The ivy growing through the terra cotta coloured pipes is gorgeous and has a very softening effect on the bricks as well.
Just along from this decorative wall, we saw this baby's feeding cup. I wonder, if like my children used to do..for fun!..threw the cup out to see if l noticed! Why my little rascals thought it was funny, l never worked out !
We had been to the hospital to find out about their gym, which we had just discovered is open to the public. Anyway, finding out about fees and times, we had a very nice coffee in one of the cafes in the hospital grounds. As l was pouring in my second packet of sugar, l noticed that although they are meant to be the same, one brown sugar was darker than the other! Strange!

After this, we walked home via the woods again. I had not noticed on the way here but on the path was a chalk mark. This normally means to me, a Hash House Harriors running group had been through here recently. When we lived in Dubai, we knew they were around because as well as the signs you would here..a horn being blown and someone shouting..ON ON! I reaslise it could be another running group but the sign means the same...go this way!

As we reached home, l saw this tree and for the first time, l saw this shape on it. Not sure what shape you would call it but l like it!
Night allx


Anonymous said...

Wow Lynda, I love the photo of the tree trunk! Thanks for visiting my blog. I would love to exchange art with you. You mentioned you make books .. what kind? I love books. I can send you a semiprecious bracelet in retun. Let me know.
Fadwa (the GyPsY)

Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

mmmm - a day in the life, and walk around the neighborhood in photos. this is a lovely post and I really enjoyed all the delicious textures you found and shared. Lovely!

Lesa said...

Well, I would take a purple jag but hubby said 'no way'-- he said that would be as bad as a brown corvette or a ferrari that wasn't red.

I take photos everywhere I go too-- my walks are more rural though. I laughed about the rust-- you would be in hog heaven here in Oklahoma-- we are loaded with rust! ;o)

I'm very curious about the headless statue-- wonder how that happened?

Love the plant photos-- funny, I just moved a ton of terracotta pipes that had been bordering a defunct asparagus bed. Maybe I'll do some kind of interesting sculpture with them and grow ivy or herbs in the pipes.

Dianne said...

I love the purple jag :)

yet the natural beauty of the trees and flowers is far more wonderful

DayPhoto said...

What a cool walk. I did a day of change on my blog today. Your group of phots makes me think I am there. Thank you.