Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Happy Christmas Morning from Rutland! Andrew decorated their house beautifully with local  holly, dried oranges and fir cones.

I love an open coal fire...the smell of burning wood is gorgeous.
I discovered that paper napkins can also be used for other things ...such as, wrapping for presents!
I made, not that successfully, 5 crackers for Christmas...these were some of the things l put inside! Small silly things but it was fun.

Why use a fridge when Mother Nature provides a Natural one!!?

Dad just checking "son" is doing it correctly! Ha
Gemma, Jenny and Alfie going off for a sledge, while Andrew carries on making an amazing Christmas Dinner.
Tony proving he can remember how to chop wood for the fires.
...and here is the proof.
The Goose!!!
This was the expresstion on Tony's face when Gemma brought snacks in because dinner would be at least an hour or so...! But then that is what you do at Christmas isn't it? food!

Gemma made us laugh, by saying she wasn't trained to be a waitress but she was certainly prepared to pour champagne equally between 5 glasses...and here is the proof! Well done Gemma.

Andrew cleaning the silver..way to go son.
Alfie is now in love with Andrew's slippers....found out later that Andrew had dropped some goose fat on his slippers! Not a daft dog that Alfie! Ha!
 The tree lights are lit, the table is set and the goose is cooked..all we need now are the Howells's!
 Oh and, of course, the wine!
 After lunch, Christmas Walk...'bye!
 This was what the sky looked like by the time the walk was over...amazing.
It snowed for about 5 mins..big flakes...then it stopped...shame.

A wonderful end to Christmas Day.


Angie said...

Happy New Year Linda give my regards to Putney. I remember (when young & kind of drunk) a New Years Eve screaming 'Happy New Year' all the way up Putney Hill!!

lynda Howells said...

Glad you had great memories of Putney..l love living here. Cannot believe l have lived here for twelve and a half years. The longest l have lived anywhere..EVER! They were quite a few people singing up Putney Hill last night l imagine!! We had a quiet evening in...a curry, champagne and each was great! HAPPY NEW YEAR my blogging friendxxlynda